The Archive Boxes for Office Use

Despite the conventional digital storage of photos or documents, there are still many things that need to be kept or to be kept for sentimental reasons. Several solutions are offered depending on the intended use. The storage boxes, or archive boxes are available as rational archive solution or as a decorative component of a shelf.

In the commercial sector or for the storage of documents of a tax return are the archive boxes made of corrugated cardboard. They are available in different sizes. Thus, multiple folders can be placed together or be equipped with suspension files if necessary. The caption option makes it easier to find again when documents are again required. They protect the contents from dirt and light, are but not waterproof and should not be stored in damp rooms. Depending on the storage option, the storage boxes can be used vertically or horizontally as office products.

The archive-1

The archive boxes should visibly raised for others, are the decorative boxes with lid. The construction is simple, folded together they occupy little space as a reserve for subsequent storage. The different sizes offer space for documents or just for odds and ends. The edge protection guarantees a long shelf life. A fast transportation is possible by handles. Front label holders and caption labels are attached. The different sizes and the variety of trendy colours decorate the private or Professional workstation.

Special storage boxes have been developed for special needs. The box made of plastic in the form of a brief case is only one example of this. In addition, decorative plastic boxes in many colors are available. One of its advantages is the water resistance.