The Best Activities for Children at Christmas

The Christmas is at the door. And as the day nears, children become increasingly anxious. There are several activities for the kids at Christmas that will delight the whole family.

Activities for Children at Christmas

Christmas is coming and with it all the christmas spirit. In this court, especially the younger ones begin the countdown to open presents from the time it reaches the cold.

There are several activities for the kids at Christmas that will delight kids and adults alike. Here are some tips of how to entertain the younger ones while they wait for this magical day.



Instead of this activity will be individual, join the most new and transform the decoration of the Christmas tree a special time for all. Not only help them be entertained as they the(the) will help to decorate the tree, and usually with tips very creative.


Combined with the previous activity, you may become the decoration of the Christmas tree even more original to ask the little ones to make and color drawings depicting the time.

While the drawings done and painted will be only needed a little help to make a hole in the tip of the drawings and place a wire so you can hang them on the tree.


He lives in a house with a garden or outdoor space? Don’t limit the decoration of the christmas to the interior of your home! Take the kids outside and decorate with them all that is possible: trees, shrubs, ladders, fences, railings, balconies, and entries. Not only will the make the house more christmas how to feed the christmas spirit of the younger.


This is a usual practice and something that the majority of children feel happy to participate: to help parents and families prepare the christmas candy. Enjoy some afternoons and get ready with these delicious recipes of christmas.

You can make the cakes and sweets typical of this season but also wafers with varied shapes and colors: from santa claus, snowmen, Christmas trees and even typical socks at christmas.

Ask for help to the youngsters and they will contribute with cool ideas.


Despite being a season in which we spent a lot of time at home (mainly because of the cold), be sure to sign up the most new in the workshops and ateliers of Christmas. There are a number of varied activities and usually are to be made with parents and children.

Still that does not have the opportunity to sign up for these activities, you may do the same in your home. Simply search and choose some of the jokes (drawings, paintings, crafts, etc.) and book a time to accompany them in this activity.


One of the activities for the children at Christmas is to create gifts and/or souvenirs original. Call children and alie activity of the studio for a Christmas present. You can also create gifts with cakes and sweets that have been preparing with the kids.


The spirit of Christmas is not only gifts and sweets, is also the spirit of solidarity and mutual help. Promote this spirit by getting involved in activities solidarieadade, such as collecting and raising food and toys for the underprivileged.


Why not swap your best towel by an original and decorated by the newest? Allow even memorize a paper towel or plastic of various forms. You may draw, paint, use stickers, and even make collages. They may also create bookmarks for the napkins and places for each one.

Do not worry that your guests will be delighted with the idea, and the kids will not forget this activity so early.


You can liven up the Christmas meal with a small theatre of the young. Choose a piece of holiday or type in a you same. Then just distribute the roles by the newest and do some tests. You will see that easily will be able to cheer on one of the evenings most special of the year

The activities for children at Christmas are a great way to make them feel involved in the holiday season in a fun way. Do not forget to photograph and film everything so that you can later remember! Surely everyone will love!