The Beta Program of Galaxy Reveals That They Are Testing an Interface Touchwiz without Drawer of Applications

Touchwiz It is a layer of customization that leaves no one indifferent: you love it to want to ask for marriage or hate it with all your being. This layer is famous for its large number of pre-installed applications (excluding those of Google, which are not few either) and for having a series of functions whose utility is questionable (there are more layers of this style, I’m afraid).

At the Galaxy beta program is going on evidence from a review of Touchwiz in the Galaxy Note 5, in which it sees that There is a drawer of applications. However, this is not the only modification that have planned to do (see photo below). Without a doubt, it’s a facelift as rarely seen in a customization layer.

This beta program is exclusive of China and Korea, “and this test in particular receives the developer name of”New Note UX”, by what will fit several theories.” One of them is that is a regional version of Touchwiz to China and Korea, where applications crates are not so essential.

It could be, considering the revealing of the name, which is exclusive of future Note in order to differentiate them from the Galaxy S, or it can be the new version of the layer to be seen globally. For now they are nothing more than guesses, but clearly that is approaching a change in Touchwiz, and it won’t be just small.