The Big Brother Intelligent Clock 17, GME1 By Geeksme

The official clock of Big Brother 17 has already been named by the production company Zeppelin and Telecinco, receiving the name of GME1.

We tell you everything that the participants of GH 17 can do with this smartwatch.

Are you a Big Brother fan? Surely you have seen the participants with a clock on their wrists on occasion … It’s the GME 1 of GeeksMe.

This Smartwatch from GeeksMe has a sober and simple finish, made up of an interchangeable dial and straps. But beyond this serious finish, offers us a range of interesting features and features, let’s talk a little about them.

The Intelligent Clock That Gathers The Personality Of GH

For almost two consecutive decades, GH has been an audience leader being one of the most popular reality shows in Spain. In this year, Telecinco together with the production company Zeppelin have named GME1 of GeeksMe as the official clock Big Brother 17, from there its beginnings on Wallclockstation.

Smartwatch Specifications

The GME1 is composed of a small sphere of dimensions 32x32x9,5 mm, having a light weight of only 12 grams. A monochrome OLED display, where it is possible to observe a series of parameters about the daily activity, as well as the hour.

In the clock we are with 12 leds that conform this configuration, among these some measurements of the physical activity like; Distance, calories burned, steps, etc, and of course the hours of sleep .

In addition to these two functions of G Fitness and G Sleep (the most frequent in wearable devices), there are two additional features like G Love and G Ecologic, which allow you to monitor your sexual activity and your ecological footprint through the mobile application of the same.

These two additional features stand out a bit for their innovation, creating a bit of surprise and expectation among those who are interested in these devices.

It also has great resistance against splashes and scratches. It can receive splashes but it is not resistant to submerge it in the water.

Available Functions

Measurement of sexual activity. Record and monitor many aspects of your sex life, for example; Duration of the “act”, calories consumed during it, intensity, no details escape. The typical “edredoning” will not go unnoticed.

Monitoring of physical activity. Provides a follow-up to the daily activity you take from a fitness perspective; Number of steps, graphs and evolution with the passage of time.

Follow-up to sleep. By wearing the watch while you sleep you canmonitor your sleep hours. Observe how many hours you have slept, as has been the quality, and other interesting features like how long you slept. Sleep is important and the graphics provide easy tracking of your rest times.

Follow-up of an ecological life. If you want to see the size of theecological footprint you leave behind, the function is governed by the hours of exercise and rest, by giving a better use of natural resources, as well as a few questions asked by the application.

Smartwatch Memory

In addition to the 4 functions mentioned above, the smartwatch has enough memory for 30 days of storage. It supports other alarm functions and reminders, being able to receive SMSs, and different notifications via Bluetooth 4.0.

Battery And Autonomy

It is powered by a 55 mAh battery, with a duration of approximately 6 days between charges.

Gme1 Straps

The plastic material of the GME1 is of great quality and fits accurately and comfortably to the wrist. It is made with a hypo allergenic material to avoid all kinds of problems and reactions on the skin. By default comes a black bracelet but is interchangeable in a simple way for different designs (for now you have three more colors).

Connecting Devices

The application of Big Brother 17 is available for operating systems iOs 7.0 and Android 4.3 or higher. It is done through Bluetooth without the need for additional permissions.

Price And Availability Of GME1

If you want to have the new official Big Brother 17 watch, you can do it at a comfortable and attractive price in the store and official website of GeeksMe, or also in the Amazon store|€59.95