The Bread Is Not Pulled! Ten Things To Do With Hard Bread

Pan, baguette or cake, bread is not pulled in any case. There are so many delicious things that you can do with the hard bread that we could practically feed us during the entire week of the blessed leftovers.

From crumbs to breadcrumbs through French toast, here are ten ideas from franciscogardening for you to take advantage of the bread.

1-torrijas. Blessed be this typical food of the gods of Easter, whose basic ingredient is well hard bread. We accompany you from egg, milk and sugar and make a very simple recipe that never fails: there is no one who does not become crazy.

2- bread crumbs or panko Japanese version. There is nothing easier to make bread crumbs, requiring no more than leave well dry hard bread in oven to then crumbling it with a grinder. If we get used to develop our own bread crumbs instead of buying it, you can tune it to pleasure, adding garlic, parsley or any spice that you like. We can even develop different breads shredded depending on the use you want to give them: one with Provencal herbs to meats, for example;and one easier, for example, for the croquettes.

3-croutons. The croutons are so versatile should always have them at home, they are perfect to add to our creams of vegetables, both cold and hot. They can be developed in different ways with a slice of bread hard the previous day, which just cut into small squares and place in the oven at a temperature of 180 degrees for 20 minutes. The easiest option is to put them in the toaster until well toasted, even if there are any prefer to fry in abundant olive oil at high temperature.

4- crumbs. Like so many dishes that they have as a basic ingredient hard bread, crumbs are a popular food (pastors, they say, that they took advantage of a crust of bread to prepare a delicacy that has now moved to millions of kitchens). Half hour and will be lists, a fantastic dish based on stale bread (from bar, preferably), chorizo and Bacon, although there are endless versions of this dish: eggs, sardines and even with grapes and chocolate.

5 – onion soup. Again a “delicacy” of poor, said that with all due respect, a dish delicious, perfect for the winter, which will take the trick as soon as have done you a couple of times and having glorious versions in many restaurants of haute cuisine. We will save a dinner, because it combines two ingredients which is very rare to not have at home: hard bread and onions.

6-pudding. The bread is also glorious sweet versions, as she is case of pudding, a dish with multiple versions which is a dessert of exception. Although this delicious cake tends to be made with bread of the day before, eggs, milk and a pinch of cinnamon, there is who is made with any bun that it is becoming hard, from cupcakes to biscuits. There is an interesting Express version of this delight that we encourage you to try out: buy a packet of custard powder and prepare as directed in the instructions, add the bread to the end, in the mix, finite sliced, and let cool in the fridge.

7- French toast. They are a spectacular breakfast, which consists of simply coat the hard bread cut into slices in a mixture of eggs, sugar, milk and a pinch of cinnamon, if you like us. FRY in abundant butter and… voila: we already have our French toast spectacular, ready to share table with our coffee and our juice.

8 – milk soup. This recipe rescued directly from our grandmothers, of those times in which really had need, has starred in breakfasts of many families over the years. And it is a simple, nutritious and delicious dish. There are multiple versions, because each family has adapted the recipe to your taste, but it is not more than to boil the milk next to the bread hard, and add sugar and cinnamon to taste. It is eaten in a bowl or bowl with spoon.

9- hard bread tart. Milk, eggs, sugar and bread (optionally, vanilla or cinnamon). A blow from oven and have a cake that has nothing to envy to any deli with millions of ingredients. We are again facing a breaded, easy, nutritious and tasty breakfast.

10- everything else. We must not forget that our bread has to be always there for gazpacho, salmorejos, meatballs and many other dishes that are going to require this food that even hard, has saved many malnutrition throughout history.