The Correct Way to Use Henley Shirt

Henley shirt is a versatile, timeless and extremely elegant. For those who don’t know, this model is one that has between 2 and 5 buttons on the collar, arranged in a row (just that, unlike the polo shirt), has no collar and can have .75, short or long sleeve.

In Brazil, the play is popularly known as Portuguese collar shirt.

If you already use, congratulations on your choice, now, if you haven’t, knows why she can be one of the best choices to make your visual. Check out:

Henley Shirt Can Be Used On Several Occasions

The main benefit of Henley shirt is your versatility, in addition to being a fully breathable piece and, with it, a perfect choice for summer. It can be elegantly combined with a blazer and fits with the semi-formal events and casual elegance.

The single color are even more versatile, because the buttons, a simple detail, however, differentiated.

By being a model with buttons, the Henley shirt cannot be considered as informal as a common t-shirt completely without them, nor fully like a formal social long sleeve shirt.

Thus, it is possible to use it on several occasions and with different combinations, including accessories.

This versatility is an extremely positive point, because, by using it with the buttons closed, you will have a frilly bald; with the buttons open, a Polo style template (without collar), that is, so far, two excellent options.

The size of the aperture is also you who chooses;but do it with awareness: open all the buttons, for example, can mean the failure of your visual integer; This tip is important mainly for the combination that you intend to do, according to the event that will participate and the environment to attend.

Henley Shirt Is A Classic Fashion

Henley shirt exists since the 19 century, when athletes who participated in the Royal Regatta headquarters by the town of Henley-on-Thames began to use it for the fact provide greater ventilation and has no collar.

With that, soon after, your model just spreading all over the world. Its name comes from the name of this small English town on the banks of the River Thames.

However, it was only in the last century, more precisely in the Decade of 70 Henley shirt has become a fashion icon through fashion designer Ralph Lauren and continues today broadcasting charm and elegance.

She is great to do you, Sir, out of that sameness to use common shirt with v-neck or round-neck every day and go for something a little more different, cool. It is a piece that you must have in your closet, and with varied colors.

Possibilities For A Timeless Style

Your model is multifunctional and dynamic, enabling the construction of various Visual showing a lot of sophistication and good taste, in addition to extreme security to get dressed, and as previously stated, because it is a breathable piece, is perfect for the summer.

Speaking of summer, Henley shirt looks really good with a beautiful Twill Shorts, and together make up a look stylish and super comfortable. Is stripped, light and in case you choose a light color, makes the piece even lighter.

In winter, it’s worth investing in long-sleeved model and combine with pieces such as cardigans, blazers, coats and jackets. With your versatility, combine with jeans or denim and shoes like boots or sneakers.

Because the shirt Henley still not be used in Brazil, is an excellent opportunity for you to stand out in the crowd when displaying a nice piece, cool, versatile and charming.

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