The Damage Caused By Losing Fishing Lines

When we lose a line because we are hooked on a rock or something that causes us to cut, or when the fish causes it to be cut or simply when we leave them in the places where we are going to fish lying on the ground and as we forget There, one does not realize the damage it causes. Do not you realize yet? Here are the examples.

When we lose them in the water:

If the line is left with bait, according to Alltimefishing, catching a fish will surely die before leaving.

If left unchanged without bait, other fishermen can hook that line and also cut, which would make a chain.

When we lose them on the ground:

We run risks of hooking ourselves with the hooks, on the feet above all.

We cause other fishermen to injure themselves with hooks hours or days later, until someone finds them.

If left with bait, a rodent or bird may be hooked with the hook.

How do you avoid all this?

Using nylon of the correct diameter for the fish sought and the scope; Besides that this in good condition and without dentures.

To make firm knots in each union or part of the line, that before great efforts does not yield nor is cut.

How to recover the line?

Once we hooked up, try to take some time to do that, with slight movement of cane and going from one side to another to pull from different positions the rig.

If we still can not recover it, we proceed to try to make the last attempt by placing the cane parallel to the mother nylon, never perpendicular because we may break the reed, and holding the reed with force we step backwards until it disengages or cut.