The Difficult and Bright Yellow Tie

“To act with common sense and by far is the best wisdom”; Horace Walpole, English author.

The key to success lies in being different. When we want to achieve we have to do everything that others perhaps-would do, but dare not. And if there is a little color used for our tie that is yellow, so if we choose wisely our image will be highly favored, and especially singular.

We know that yellow is not suitable for the superstitious, and is banned in areas such as theater or bulls. But also that this primary color represents the leader of the cyclist round world ‘s most famous ( Le Tour de France), warning signs and, used when trying to identify a model sports car with a cheerful look or youth.

The gold color is not suitable as a protagonist in the image of man therefore not suitable for a large garment as the suit or coat. However, because printing a beneficial if used for other smaller ones like sweaters or accessories like tie, socks or handkerchief. The more successful the fewer dimensions, as it will be the spark that lights up (and not catch fire) the whole.

Within this contradictory yellow color, tone color and matte is most grateful for these small items. It is garish, bright or dull the most lackluster, especially the first ends. It has also the feature that when mixed with a dash of blue quickly be turned to green, red to orange and any other is “mess” so elegant colors are very specific, at the same time simple.


With this color in the tie we can convey two extreme sensations of awkwardness or sagacity, yes, in both cases with complete self-confidence (which no longer daredevil in the first circumstance). But what is not allowed any average, so it is advisable to be completely convinced of what is done, or better opt for another color.

When we encounter a suitable model and our tie rack with enough repertoire of ties in the most basic and common colors, we will agree that we should buy it to house some in this yellow color. And using it sporadically alternate with the most preferably dark jackets.

Any supplement with these colors or the like is the best way to relaunch subtlety , with a dark or off outfit. I still remember the good impression that I took to get from the airport to James Sherwood when we visited: dressed in a set of jacket, sweater and pants in gray … all very British as the leaden day he received, but his -a socks game with scarf Lucia were orange. This is what is called style, and personality.