The Electric Motorcycle Zero Arrive at The 325 Km of Autonomy

We have to go to 2012 to meet for the first time to this Californian brand of motorcycle, almost five years have passed and these pioneers in the electric propulsion have to date a range of two-wheel vehicles that consume only batteries pair work. We are going to teach the novelties of Zero Motorcycles.

Up to fourteen different configurations that are sold in our country, with prices moving between 12.390 euros of the FXS Supermoto Zero, and the 18.590 euros, zero SD Max Performance. High prices which may rise if you are its two main Accessories: quick charging and extra battery.

Zero ensures that the useful life of the batteries from their bikes more than 550,000 km

Each available model has a different range, but among them we highlight the 325 km that you are capable of performing both Zero S, as Zero SR ZF13.0 with the Power Tank with a load. According to the accounts of the company, making about 30 daily kilometers on their bikes has a cost of 0.30 euros per day.

Very different configurations for city, road or field

What must you add that maintenance is much lower than that of a motorcycle with fuel and conventional transmission. The margin of autonomy, try to have a bike for every type of customer, therefore we have models with powers that move between 44 and the 69CV.

All models improve in performance and autonomy in 2017, highlight the most powerful Zero SR, with a 16.3-kWh battery, 70CV of power and a ‘torque’ top 10%. You can know them better in your presentation video:

Comment that this bike makes the above 325 kilometres in town, if put you the battery Extender (3.3 kWh). If you think about routes of Highway 110 kilometers per hour, the batteries will last US 62 km.

Almost all models have an autonomy which it would well like many electric cars

Among the components we have solutions from leading brands present in the jurisdiction of two wheels, shock absorbers Showa, Antilock braking system of the House Bosch, or pneumatic Pirelli Diablo Rosso II. All of these things end up more expensive product and giving us security.

Comment the presence of a new model of entrance to the universe Zero, with a battery of 6, 5kWh capable of 130 km at a moderate speed, and priced quite lower: it is a Zero S which cost 11,000 dollars in United States.

Full range 2017 of the Zero, then three videos with three main models: