The Explosion of Color of David DelfíN for Spring/Summer 2012

David Dolphin It is one of those designers who have fun doing what they do without thinking about the outcome and final critique. Malaga designer has been causing its advocates and detractors already many years in the old Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, now converted into a Mercedes Benz.

After closing his shop in Madrid, He faced one of the collections harder where opted for color at its finest. Katharsis It is a positive, fun collection that looked for the continuity of a brand that has managed to gain a foothold in the Spanish fashion.

Unstructured garments for daring people, colorful accents on basic and white backgrounds that play with the shades to highlight zippers, pockets, sleeves … a gorgeous work patterns that although they understand they are directed to a particular audience, we must recognize it.

Jackets and vests

For one day in the spring and summer in which we woke up with this attitude of dressed in a more original styling, we can choose one of the jackets / vests that the designer proposes. Combined with other more basic, they can give that touch of color and distinction that can brighten a look.


If ours are the shirts and we want to take a more special, we should resort to its proposals to various colors. A short sleeve and another long, the neck to another color, a fitted cut … I think it may be a good choice for this summer.


But if not we would put us all a shirt or a jacket or vest because it does not go with our style and we see it too much for us, we could then test with the t-shirts, much more relaxed and simple but with that essence that has any clothing designer. I’ll stick with the names of colors!

Also in floral

On the web, the designer has released another model of a floral print that has drawn much attention. What do you think?

Hand bags

Pelayo Diaz It has been working for the designer the two latest collections and their models for the spring-summer 2012 have not gone unnoticed. Samples of fabrics will again be protagonists in a collection that was taken as a commitment to austerity.

I can understand perfectly that the designer and their collections can cause found opinions, many will say that they never place as risky as these garments but I here think that it is one thing to recognize that something I would not be so me and another very different is not know to appreciate the work, effort and goal of a designer able to divert public the sometimes boring Cibeles.