The French Crop

In today’s post I present you “The French Crop”, this is, in my opinion, classic spring/summer season. This is entirely based on the motto “less is more” because the French Crop can be cut and styled without much effort, but it looks good.

What is the French Crop? The hair is cut short in the neck area as well as on the sides, the hair is left slightly longer on the top. Now you have the possibility of combing the hair either forward, facing the forehead or styling these sideways.

Personally, I prefer the variant with the side styling, just look a little slacker. But do not worry, in the following I have put together different styles of the French Crop, which can be inspired. And if you do not like it, then look at these hairstyles for men.

The Classic French Crop

The classic French Crop is about the right balance and proportion of the lateral and the hair in the neck area to the hair on top. It is important that the hairdresser of your trust establish clear edges between the transitions. However, these may not be too strong, I think that the following photos help you better understand what is meant by these transitions.

The hairs on the top can be cut in different ways and put into the scene. For a slightly rougher look, especially for men with lots of hair, it is a good idea to thicken the hair to achieve a kind of sawtooth effect. Say the hairdresser is careful to bring longer and shorter parts on the top, in order to reach the already mentioned sawtooth like patterns.

Alternatively, you can simply cut the hair on the top in a length.This creates a consistent appearance that can be styled completely and does not highlight individual hair strands, as is the case with the previous cut. But enough of the words, a few pictures of the classic French Crop.

May It Be A Little Longer…

As already indicated, there is not only one, classic variant of the French Crop. The second variation is that you can wear the hair on top of it a little longer. This gives you further possibilities when styling, which are rather not possible with a short cut.

This makes it possible to add extra length to the crotch and side crest or to a shattered, structured look, which is completely different due to the abundance of more hair. What is important in this case is only that the ratio of the lateral and neck hair to the hair above is maintained. If this is not the case, the hairstyle can no longer function properly.

The French Crop In 2015

The French Crop in the style of the current year differs slightly from the two previously presented variants. For my part, I can say right away that I like the first variation, the classic French Crop. You can make your judgment right after the introduction of the French Crop in 2015.

The French Crop in 2015 is radical, so the hair in the neck and the sides are very short cut, so briefly, that one can even partially see the scalp. On top of that the hair is relatively long held. Thus, the balance and proportion mentioned above are somewhat out of balance. All in all, one can recognize the French Crop as such nevertheless.

My Opinion On The French Crop

As I said in the previous paragraph, I personally like the classic version of the French Crop best, although I can also befriend with a longer longer hair. But the side and neck hair cut so short that one sees the scalp does not necessarily meet my taste.

The French Crop is in my opinion a hairstyle, which fits to almost every head shape, since you can adjust the cut without problems on this. The comparison with a classic, white shirt and a simple leather jacket is quite appropriate at the French Crop, because all three are classics, timeless, adaptable and yet very stylish. Or what do you mean?