The Glasses and Earrings More Requests of Novels

For Rosângela Espinossi

Sunglasses and earrings: these were the accessories more requests from the Globe in December. The network prepares a monthly ranking of the pieces more like the telespectadoras and the red carpet lists the brands!

This time the first on the list was the pair of glasses used by Marina Ruy Barbosa, Maria Isis in “Empire”. Lilia Cabral also appeared with the earring and glasses more orders. It also has Claudia Raia, Isis Valverde, Leandra Leal, among others. See some of them in the gallery and check out the complete rankings by clicking HERE to vote for your favorite!

The sunglasses of Maria Isis (Marina Ruy Barbosa) in “Empire” are Via Lorran.

The blue earring Maria Marta (Lilia Cabral), also in “Empire”, is the Aulore while the glasses are the same brand of Marina Ruy Barbosa-Via Lorran.

The earring maxibrinco Sandra Darling (Isis Valverde) in “Boogie Oogie” is of Hadora Design, ideal for a visual years 1970.

What about Samantha sunglasses (Claudia Raia) of “high spirits”? The pair is the Optics Ventura. Already the earrings are the Eleonora Hsiung.

Cristina’s earrings (Leandra Leal) of “Empire” also are up between trends and are the Simek Fine Jewelry from