The Invention Of Basketball

In this new post, I we relate how and under what circumstances a physical education teacher, invented basketball in 1891.

This 2016 marks 125 years of the invention of basketball by Professor James Naismith.

Have you wondered why the ring is exactly 3.05 metres above the ground, and not three exact metres? Or why matches are initiated with a jump between two? This time I will show you how Naismith invented the sport of basket beyond by 1891 on the East coast of the United States.

The merit of the invention of basketball could be played United States and Canada, since James Naismith was Canadian birth and adoption-American; 34 years after having devised the basketball was also awarded US citizenship.

James Naismith studied theology and medicine and was Professor of physical education at the YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Due to his passion for educating young people through sport and to his tireless dedication to work that plays, the directors of the school chose him to carry out a complicated Mission: devise a sport simple and affordable indoor which could generate in young people the same enthusiasm and the samepassion that football and baseball.

The reason for this action was that the harsh conditions of winter in the school were very difficult to practice sports outdoors that most motivated young people, who were “forced” to do gymnastics or typical of toddlers games and who were tremendously boring.

Basketball was born, not in a spontaneous way, but as response to a need.

Professor Naismith is gripped his brains out for several weeks: tried to modify existing ones such as soccer and lacrosse sports and tried them to adapt to the indoor conditions but students not liked those watered-down versions and light of the traditional sports that they practiced outdoors.

Naismith was clear that new sport should combine speed, accuracy and cooperation, not to be violent and play with a ball. With all these factors, it finally gave the key. He chose a soccer ball size appropriate to take it and spend it with your hand and wrote 13 basic rules that governed the game and included the points are achieved when the ball drops and remains within one of the two baskets that are on each side of the field, the prohibition of running with the ball in his hands , the obligation to launch it or pass it once it has been launched or the prohibition of grab, push, charge, hitting or zancadillear to the rival

This requested the maintenance of one of the buildings of the school charge two square boxes 18 centimeters that serve as places where deposited the ball to get the points. Not having anything, gave him two big baskets to collect peaches (hence comes the name of basketball) and Naismith placed on both sides of the gym at 10 feet (3.05 meters) aboveground because that was which was the lattice wall and height was the only place where you could attach baskets.

The idea to start the game by throwing the ball in the air between two members of different teams came because Naismith considered that it was the fairer and less dangerous way to start the game.

The first basketball game played on 21 December 1891 eighteen students, divided into two teams of nine. The final result was 1-0, with William R. Chase the honour of scoring the first basket in the history of the sport.

The invention of basketball was not an accident.” It was developed to meet a need. Those boys simply would not play «drop the handkerchief»”