Members of Parliament need a new technical equipment on a regular basis. The resulting costs ensure however repeatedly for discussions. In the UK Parliament, it is now once again so far.

Get after the election in May of this year, to all members of Parliament a new iPad air 2as well as a laptop. For estimated costs of $300,000 annually. Over the entire term of Office of five years thus incur costs $ 1.5 million. The opposition however keeps the purchases too expensive and casts to get the Government to unnecessarily expensive status symbols.

Auch Apple As A Group In The Review Of The

The labor politician Chi Onwurah, said many of her constituency’s residents could afford any Apple products. She consider the purchase of an expensive iPad air 2 for an error. “And while I have not even mentioned the topic of tax avoidance,” added the politician and thus alluded to the fact that Apple is accused again and again, to make only marginal tax payments through legal trade in Europe. Not only the costs were so criticized, but also the choice of Apple’s supplier. The Government criticism of Apple back, however, rejects the argument, that already many parliamentarians had been equipped with iPads. By standardizing costs when ordering here settled and save on maintenance.

Tablets Are Used To Play

They did not all the 209 for test purposes already provided members with iPads but adequate to use, as ablogtophone says. So Nigel Mills was observed as he played candy crush during a Committee meeting for proposed two and a half hours. It is however by no means alone in Europe. Italian parliamentarians were therefore last criticism. In Germany, a similar debate was led to 2012, when Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble played in the Bundestag Sudoku on his Tablet.