The iPhone Learns The Right Falling Down

With a new patent, Apple wants to ensure that the iPhone in the future so falls off, which happens to him the least.

Known to cats are always on their feet – everything else is however so as it should not be. The iPhone that should change now, as a new patent application from Apple shows. Using a new technology, the Apple has filed a patent can, to drop the iPhone in the near future so controlled, that nothing–or nothing at all – will break. As a technology for smartphones definitely would make sense. The technology would ensure that the unbeschadeter than other smartphones survives iPhone crashes, this would probably be a milestone and would further expand the success of the Apple Smartphone.

But how does that work? According to the patent application, an engine to be installed in the iPhone, which can control the position of the weight of the Smartphone. Falling of the Smartphones, sensors together with the processor would recognize that the iPhone falls down and it falls, at what angle. By moving the weight the case angle of the iPhone could be changed so that the iPhone does not with the sensitive side on the ground, but with an extra reinforced edge that catches the fall, for example.

We must be curious if this works: If one drops the cell phone out of my hand, it’s pretty fast. The problem with the weight shift should be so that it must be really fast. Also needs to be clarified, where one wants to accommodate the parts in the iPhone, which control the fall – are thicker and bigger’s not supposed probably also.

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