The Jeans Jacket-Cult Or Not?

Actually, denim jackets for men are cult as mere fashion. In addition, there is a very high added value for every man in everyday life. The style, inherent in a jeans jacket, can never be surpassed by any other form of design, by replacing the original character-any kind of imitation of a jeans or a jeans jacket can be a short-lived attempt, as measured by the original.

Jeans Jacket From The Outsider To The Cult Apparel Item

Every cult has its history, so there is already a lot to tell about the jeans jacket. And, as is often the case, innovations are regarded as frowned upon. Whether the microwave, jeans jacket or tattoos: The mainstream cries, assigns the innovation of a minority, puts it a negative image until the sheet finally turns and majority suitability is reached.

At first, the wearing of a jeans jacket as a sign of rebellion and break with social constraints was also considered. But to the beginning of their history, which has interesting facets and even conclusions on the quality of today is indicated.

While the jeans fabric initially served the gold diggers in the USA and was still despised by the upscale stories, the teenagers of all social strata gratefully accepted the fashion show after World War II.

The “Raw Denis jeans jacket” for men was accessible to the masses for the first time in the 1950s and provided the most youthful wearer with a static symbol with a protest character. Previously, the US farmers were coming back to them.

Innovation Out Of Necessity

In the form of pants but the world knows jeans for more than 120 years. In fact, it was “only” the indestructibility, which decisively distinguished the material from the other materials. Rivets for reinforcing the pockets also ensured a robustness of a previously unknown extent.

Levi Strauß, a street trader with Jewish roots from Bavaria, escaped to the USA in good time before the Holocaust and offered the active gold diggers first tent plans and other utensils. The lack of adequate work for gold diggers made him aware of their problems. In collaboration with the tailor Jacob Davis, they offered the first jeans and the tightly woven cotton first became the number one in their circles through mere mouthpropaganda and immediately convinced.

In 1873, Levi Strauss took over the broad market. He had, as opposed to Davis as the actual “father” of the invention, the money for the patent application. Its high-quality workmanship with rivets combined with the material was the basis for later success worldwide. Even during the Second World War the jeans remained reserved for some soldiers.

Jeans Jackets-“Vintage Model” Or Plain Normal?

The name Levis is today inseparable from jeans-a brand that is unique in the world with the “Levis 501” and makes it visible through the cuts. From jeans to the jeans jacket it was not too long a way: before created as dungarees rather appropriately also for the upper body came it shortly after the global boom of the jeans to the birth of the jeans jacket, which is still similar from the presentation, even if some extravagant models Again and again.

The basic shape for many decades is consistently with two breast pockets, two side pockets, shirt collar and metal buttons. Levis now offers the traditional design of the jeans jacket under the label “vintage model”, while countless “no name” producers also trust in the same style without naming it.

Among the ladies’ collections you can find the most imaginative designs, which have hardly anything in common with the legendary jeans jacket except for the material: occupation with stones, long jackets, colorful colors. But the woman has long since carried the masculine version without the optical overall appearance being impaired.

The fashion world always puts jeans clothing in their collections, and occasionally lets them shine in a different light, for example in the 1980s with the “stone-washed finishes” or even earlier with side strips. It is noticeable, however, that the style has never really changed and this is also good: the masculine, harsh radiance of the jeans jacket has been preserved, which still reminds older people of James Dean and Marlon Brando.

The Selection Of Today And Quality Factors

Anyone choosing jeansjackets or trousers today has two options: models from Southeast Asia that are produced under ecological and social conditions under difficult conditions and expensive models from the West. It is true that Asian origin serves the masses, especially since there is a great difference in price.

Jeans from the company Levis, Wrangler or singles others, which are produced in the USA or Europe, are found in unequally smaller quantities. Criticism of the productions of the first group refers above all to the immense water consumption and use of pesticides.But the health of workers is often seriously threatened.

Levis and others have already launched programs to reduce the ecological footprint, and the Raw-Denis jackets are the most inviolable choice here. Additional treatments are not necessary here, which inevitably cling to the stone-wash effect. This also has the disadvantage of significantly shortening the expected service life.

The longevity of the jeans jackets of today can be proved by nothing better than by their development history. If you actually buy a quality bad but expensive jeans jacket, it has to do with planned obsolescence, because the innovation of the last century actually excludes. Planned obsolescence means that the production life of a product is deliberately shortened through the use of short-lived components.

Of course there are also typical differences in quality, whether in the material or the processing. An interesting test by the German broadcaster ARD resulted in a significant advantage for Levis productions in the year 2014, followed by G-Star and at the end of the lower scale line up products of the well-known discounter.

Wrangler is to be in the forefront of quality Levis. The working conditions were also raised here – the thoughtful results are clear.Whether cheap is not really expensive, everyone can judge for themselves. There are more, and high-priced, designers who found entry into negative lists, especially in trousers, which have lost their color a short time after the purchase at the knees.

With even three models, Esprit managed to move into a list of black sheep in Switzerland, where, in normal use, the fabric should be torn in the same place at the back of the office-at a place where lovers of the “torn style” no more Use for the expensive piece.Whether this can be considered as a coincidence with three models of the jeans jacket, may be adjusted.

The traditional jeans jacket is celebrated every few years in the form of a “comeback”, but if one considers the history objectively, one comes to the conclusion: It has never lost popularity, every decade since its existence was a so-called “Basic” in the men ‘s wardrobe and Could always be worn without making the wearer look old.

And in doing so, it has not been a question of how old the bearer himself is: from the baby to the old, the cult objects are available and it is irrelevant whether the purchase took place in the 80s or yesterday. The purchase pays off.

On the subject of longevity, however, the only real distinction factor, one can only make predictions with reservation. But a bit of research always reveals new test results on the subject and in the case of a jacket, the wear is generally less than in the case of the leg dress, which is permanently stressed and stretched during wear.

Conclusion On The Jeans Jacket For Men

For the purchase of a jeans jacket can therefore only be advised: Whether warm-lined in winter or as a transition jacket, it finds in everyday life ample opportunity to apply.