The Most Beautiful Engagement Rings for the Application

It is not quite there, the time when the butterflies are felt a little more clearly in the belly.In love lies in the air and in which nature gives us only small signs and winks, confess to our emotions.Clearly, I’m talking about spring.Spring is the time when we are ticking differently, in which we fall in love more easily, and also the time in which favors are especially celebrated.Not for nothing does even some scientists speak of “spring feelings”.But honestly, what would be the engagement without a wonderful engagement ring ?Of course still a great and romantic confession between two lovers.But with the engagement ring, one can still show his love and marrying a little more clearly.Reason enough so for me, times to look, which trends actually show up in the area of ​​the engagement rings .Are you as curious as I am?Is your heart already jumping high with joy in the word “Solitärring”?Well, just read on!

1. The Trend of the Engagement Ring

A clear trend is also emerging in 2014 and this clearly says “yes” to the engagement ring.What was not necessarily a must, but a very pleasant addition to an engagement, now finds more and more followers in Germany: the engagement ring.This trend has been swept over from the USA.How else could it be.It is normal for the man of his future wife to put a valuable ring on the finger.This was not absolutely necessary.In addition, women are more modest.Or should I say “showed”?For one thing is always pretended to us: the love of American women to their engagement rings and the tendency to capture this great clown right away in a close-up.Female stars like Beyoncé make it happen.Also, if she has two variants of her engagement ring.The actual engagement ring her Jay-Z donated is worth 4.5 million €.It is understandable that it seldom carries it and rarely exchanged it for the more favorable variant of “only” 4500, – €.That makes a little jealous, does not it?Either way, you should know a little more about it.In the USA, it is customary to wear the engagement ring even after the wedding.The engagement ring is then worn as a pre- ring to the herring .In Germany this is usually not the case and with the wedding, the engagement ring is also filed.Accordingly, more is invested in the Ehering. But that seems to change.This is easy to understand.Why should not woman continue to wear her engagement ring full of pride?

And so the engagement ring also plays an increasingly important role in Germany.But it also shows that we can not adopt all the trends.Women in Germany love individual jewelery, since the engagement ring should also have a very personal touch.Your own favorite color, a preferred material, a certain shape or other small details provide for individual engagement rings with aha effect.

2. Individual engagement rings for 2014

The classic engagement ring is the solitaire ring, it is especially in the USA stuck to the ring finger, but is also highly regarded in Germany.The solitaire ring is a ring on which a ring with a crimp socket is seated.In this version the diamond can express all its beauty and is usually alone.In addition, it is mainly engagement rings with playful details that will find more and more customers in 2014.Instead of simply shining with a stone, for example, several precious stones are also incorporated.Do not worry, it does not necessarily have to be more expensive.And many small stones next to each other give an at least as beautiful picture and are very variable in their arrangement.

But it does not always have to be a diamond, other precious stones are waiting for their use.A sparkling blue sapphire reminding you, for example, of the sea where the couple spent their first holiday together.Or a sparkling red garnet, an impressive green emerald, the range is great.When the engagement ring, in color and form, commemorates the common history, it becomes surely the very individual favorite piece of the future bride.

Pearls have been a sought-after accessory for thousands of years, but they have played a rather subordinate role in engagement rings.Too bad to find jewelry designers from all over the world.So it comes to us that we suddenly find engagement rings with pearls next to engagement rings with diamonds.Usually the pearl replaces the diamond, it is put into the focus and is the decisive detail on the ring.Often these engagement rings are a little playful and very romantic.This also fits well with current bridal fashion trends, because in 2014 everything is much more playful and more tender.So men, if your future person likes to go a little dreamy through the world, appreciate individuality and hopelessly romantic, then try it with an engagement ring off the classic classic models.Because I’m sure at least one of these qualities applies to every woman.

3. Engagement rings with engraving

Engagement rings with engraving are very popular.Not only wedding rings are provided with an individual message.Depending on the model, some short poems can be engraved, but the classics are still their own initials, the day of getting to know each other, or the date of their engagement. The ring is unique with an engraving, especially when it has nicknames or the place of learning.This does not always have to be engraved in word form.It can also be the GPS data of this particular place, a combination of numbers or letters, which only the couple knows and which represent a kind of code.Typically, engravings are placed on the inside of the engagement ring, but that is not a must.The love message can also be affixed to the engagement ring on the outside – and thus visible to everyone.

4. Color tendencies for engagement rings

Like everywhere, there are also color trends and preferences in engagement rings.Gold and silver are the classic colors, but they have far more to offer than at first sight.For gold is not equal to gold.And so it happens that always certain gold nuances become true best sellers.Currently, the white gold and red gold.Even if they still can not displace the classic shades of yellow gold and bicolor.If you do not necessarily want to choose the classic way, you will probably find it in engagement rings made of steel and titanium.Here cool elegance and modern elements meet, which have the stuff to a new classic.

All materials are not only on their own, but usually occur in combination with other materials or precious stones.Even with a white zirconia, an otherwise cool-looking ring may appear playful.Rings with zirconia are by the way also a variant for which many decide.More cost-effective than the diamond, but equally sparkling, it shines with many ring-catching future brides.

Which engagement ring do you dream of, in a classic or with a lot of details?Or are you already wearing your engagement ring at Ringfinger?