The New Vodafone Yu, Now Also in Contract

Vodafone recently renewed its offer of rates yu prepaid with new rates yusers that as we have been able to see, will also give the jump to contract as of June 2, replacing the current rate yu with 200 minutes (too similar to the Smart rate) by two alternatives with less minutes and more internet.

An update to the offer with which Vodafone ends rounded off the monthly of all its fares to the VAT be included and reinforces its commitment for young audiences while maintaining the essence of the calls and messages for free among customers of the community yu (regardless if they are card or contract) compared the rates Base and Smart of similar shares including less mobile internet at maximum speed but are compatible with convergent offering Vodafone Integral.

Specifically, Vodafone will allow to activate contract the superyuser and megayuser rates with identical conditions to those known in prepaid giving them respectively 60 minutes with 1.2 GB for 15 euros or 100 minutes with 1.6 GB for 20 euros and enjoy them forever so request that before August 31.

The details of the complete range of rates Vodafone is in the following way: