The Organic Lamp Aalto

Pieces inspired by Nordic light win expo in Belgium

The nature has always been a major source of inspiration for the iconic architect and designer Alvar Aalto. His creations – the various buildings built as the objects designed – carry beautiful organic lines that make explicit the thinking of Finnish.

For him, the natural forms are the most functional and harmonic, constituting almost a perfect artistic creation. Knowing this, it’s no wonder that the subtlety of natural light -Nordic has inspired to create multiple fixtures of rounded forms, that end up winning an exhibition exclusively dedicated to them.

The exhibition Lightings, which takes place in the Grand-Hornu Images, in Belgium, is divided into two parts. At first, several pending compiled from private collections if dependuram about a mirror of water. Across a walkway, visitors can admire the preciousness of Aalto’s creations, while the reflexes that props provides make a silent allusion to influences of nature in your work.

The second part takes a more practical course. Multiple files, sketches and documents explain thoroughly the process of creation of the luminaires, the way they work and the relationship they have with the architecture. At the end of the road, only the Dutch word gesamtkunstwerken, which means “work of art in your entirety”, can you describe the feeling that remains in the Viewer.