The Pajama Fashion

Since the Marc Jacobs began to walk around in my pajamas, I’m looking at this and thinking: “Oh, there are days that I wanted so much to be selfless at this point”.

Can you imagine? One day you’re just bagasse, that laziness reached maximum level, you can go out in my pajamas. And the people on the street still say you’re super fashion? Says there wouldn’t be ecstatic?

Well, I was thinking about it a while, with little hope of using such trend in real life because I don’t have that detachment fashion.

That is why I’m I there in Tokyo, strolling the streets full of giant stores that I commented on Sunday, and I come across the Forever 21. I must confess that, despite former consumerist, I had never entered a Forever 21 in my life.

As I had established the general rule to only buy things cheap and stores that didn’t have here in Brazil, I decided to go to kill the curiosity. I’m there giving a ride and not finding anything (I swear, I didn’t think the brand is worth this fuss is about, but all of a sudden it was just this collection that was weak), when a plate stood out amid the crowd.

I went to check it out. It was a pair of pants. Those squishy and larguinhas. Dude… pyjamas. And, just like that, I joined the trend.

Of course that was just the pants, right? The day I wear these pants with a shirt of the same pattern you treating me, okay? We get in on the trend as the common sense allows. I went with just the legs.

The cool thing is that she has cool colors to match. Goes well with black, white, beige, Brown. But, be careful, even when we’re talking about using just the pajama pants. Tops of fabric (read fancy, noble, ryco) are welcome to break a little the informality of pants (just avoid things that look like baby doll blouse, because otherwise they’re going to find that you fall out of bed). Another nice thing? A powerful accessory will also make it clear that you’re not sleeping.

Finally, avoid low shoes that can look like shoes from home. I chose a very heavy and with high platforms.

Oh! And attention to my small set of earrings (also direct from the East). Of those baratésimos but that has all the charm.