The Perfect Bra For You

As is the case with our garments, when choosing a bra must seek above all comfort and safety. A bad choice can pose risks to the health of our chest. Then we reveal the keys to succeed in the pursuit of bra perfect. Roces and itchy skin, muscle pain in the back, chest discomfort …. These are only some of the possible consequences of a bad choice of our bra. The chest is an area of the body to which we pay great attention and give special care. Therefore, it is more important than bet on the functionality rather than fashion or design of a pretty bra, especially if you have a hearty chest.

What you should consider

  • Full Cup: to ensure proper clamping is important that the chest tola completely fill the bra cup. Thus, the chest will be collected and avoid discomfort when worn. If the bra is hoops, they must be tailored to our chest.
  • Stop stitching: avoid models bras with lace or steep seams, because they can come into contact with the nipple area, and continual friction could trigger itching or even pain.
  • Straps: both straps as contour strip should have an average thickness of between 5 and 2 centimeters. If possible, choose a bra with adjustable straps to easily adapt to your body and avoid the discomfort of some loose straps.
  • Square brackets: fasteners looking for closure offers you the ability to adapt to various positions with the addition of 2 or 3 brackets. It ‘s very good if the time or desire some kilillo adelgazas.
  • Allergies: if you notice any of the clips you used will produce reactions or itchy skin, make a safe purchase betting on those that are 100% cotton. Do not Fail!

special models

  • Sports: if you practice some kind of sport, join comfort with this type of fasteners. They are elastic and seamless and guaranteed subject.
  • More volume : if you have little chest, choose them with underwire and light padding to enhance your natural shape. If you want to show off cleavage commitment sensual push up : now manufactured with removable pads to achieve an effect up to a full
  • Reduce volume: on the contrary, your problem is that you have a hearty chest and would like to appear less, choose reducing fasteners. They will help to decrease up to two dress sizes thanks to its effectiveness to distribute the chest to the side. Do they work!