The Perfect Swimwear For Your Figure

The holiday season is slowly but surely coming to us-whether you are jetting in an exotic place or bathing in local waters: our style guide will help you to find your perfect style.

For many of us, the idea of ​​shopping swimwear is more likely to run away.To simplify this, we have put together an expert guide for you to find the perfect model for your figure. And once you’ve found the right one, there is only one accessory: the Pina Colada.

How To… Hitch Your Hips

Look for models that focus on your upper body, such as swimsuits with decorated necklines and designs in the color block trend, where the brightest color is at the top. “Mix and match” tankins are also a good option-with a patterned top and a plain colored trousers.

Choose the best fit for pants that are not too tight. Swimsuits with an integrated skirt are great to change your hips, while short shorts in boyfriend style should be better avoided, as they give a larger impression.

As You… Let Your Stomach Appear Flatter

To make your belly flatter is a child’s play thanks to the clever fabrics and designers who understand the needs of curvy women. Comfort, control and style-yes, you can have it all. Look for swimwear that is treated with Powernet-a special fabric that is smooth, comfortable and has a high stretch content.

Also look for pieces with clever designs: Swimsuits with integrated ruffles at the waist can help to flatter the belly part.

How To… Optimize Your Silhouette

Banish your premature fear of the beach with these smart swimwear solutions of the season. Look for swimwear specially designed for your curves.

Labels like Miraclesuit and Maxine of Hollywood for example: Both brands have designed beautiful pieces that flatter your figure without feeling the feeling of being strangled.

As You… Support Your Chest

You will need swimwear that offers you a firm hold and yet is very comfortable. Straps, padded cups, underbust straps as well as wide straps instead of thin straps are optimally supported.

When it comes to print and design, keep it simple if you do not want to draw attention to this area. If you choose a second-hand, try the top of the block and a contrasting print on the pants (mix and match!)-the perfect way to balance the figure.