The PUMA Sportswear

During his football career, Maradona won numerous titles and scored plenty of goals. And always did with his ” boots Puma “, his favorite. The collection inspired by his person and hopes to beat record sales worldwide can find the following products: – King 10 Diego Finale iFG boot: This booty in Argentina colors selection, carries the signature of Maradona stamped. – King Diego ball: soccer ball 32 panels and consido completely by hand. Will anyone be able to imitate Diego with him in the foot? – King Diego Graphic Tee : The shirt is completely silk screened with personal messages from fans and fans worldwide. – King Diego Jacket: With the colors of the albiceleste, Maradona’s signature and logo No. 10 on the right side. – King Diego Duffle bag: This bag is a copy or replica that used Maradona in the 80s vintage style with light blue and white colors of Argentina. the collection will be available from next day on October 30 , coinciding with the date of his birthday. You look good little for it … will football fans around the world resist owning any of these products? Read more on