The Return of This Spring/Summer 2012 Camouflage. It Accept as Print of Season? (II)

We return to the subject of the print to military par excellence, the camouflage, After a few seasons in forgotten returns to lean as trends for this season of spring-summer 2012.

As we saw in the first part of the special, this printed Warrior as the undisputed protagonist in collections such as the second line Comme des Garçons. In the same way already is We have seen it in the street several Street stylers. Some like Samuel Gómez, a student of fashion design and blogger, venture up to the total look.

The camouflage on the street

Other as Adrian, prefer to take only a garment in this colorful pattern, but that in this case the camouflage of the jacket type cargo multi-pockets It is the main part of this look of clear inspiration army Street.

If you also want to include this print of fashion in your wardrobe and don’t have any parts yet, today we give you some suggestions. In addition to several key style to combine this military print without appearing that you’ve escaped a guerrilla front.

Key parts in camouflage

Of the Japanese firm’s undisputed style rapper and rebellious spirit Bape, also known by A Bathing Ape, We highlight various parts. First one cotton Sweatshirt combined with a pique Polo game, both in camouflage pattern.

Secondly an original in Ecru canvas bag adorned with details so loved how hated camouflage stamping, more strips of skin color camel. A shopping bag which could well have formed part of the special of the most desired of the season, which I encourage you to remember if you missed.

For those who wish to wear trend but do not dare with a garment, the best thing is to resort to more discreet details such as accessories or if dare even with footwear. House Gourmet We highlight the model Quattro Skate Camo, abotinadas with the print canvas sneakers, adorned with black napa applique.

And the signature Sophnet We propose these two shovel close ties, that can combine with a shirt with pockets of safari inspiration, your favorite jeans and a blazer with earthy, for example. I teach are quite expensive (about € 150), but if you’ve been wanting and a little crafty you encourage yourself to make you one, it is not very difficult, in this page they tell you step by step how to make a tie.

How to combine camouflage?

If you’ve already decided that you you one who will target camouflage fashion, it is best not interpret literal tide trend and much less radical. That is to say that yours is that you use the print only as an accent to your look, and combine it with basic of timeless wardrobe and flatter, since a characteristic like this pattern is best not to take it with others.

For example, if you dare with a shirt or t-shirt of camouflage, a good option is to bet on Chinese trousers. In ASOs they have a wide selection of models, from the skinny, the silhouette carrot to the baggy. In terms of colors you choose for the camel, Khaki or beige classic (from the €30).

To complete the look, you can include some basic as which you propose in Topman, from t-shirts in cotton crewneck in colors such as toasting, to others with more runaway necks in colors like chocolate brown or green fighter (from the € 10), passing by flecked sweatshirts like this in terracotta. (35€)

As outer garment I propose two pieces from H & M, the first is a linen sobre-camisa colour greyish green (30€), and the second is a three quarters in Ecru color of Saharan style, which added hood to give a more casual air or causual, and in addition carries the lining fabric denim (€40)

As footwear from a espadrille-soled suede booties as the Clarks (€90), passing by the Desert Classic boot as this Ben Sherman, available in various colours from the range of tones of Earth (€70). For the sportier also fitted the canvas sneakers like that they show, very similar to the Vans (€23), and also in the face of more summer, theirs is made with a Brown Sandals like these with leather straps, both models of ASOs (€40).