The Right Watch for You

Agency has always had a very special status. All rich men walking with a very large watch, most young men going with a little more kinky clock and some slightly alternative men choose a little alternative watches such as binary watches.

One can very well argue that the agency actually does not have its status any longer, given that people are all running around with a cell phone in pocket. It is also true. But the agency has today a completely different function than to show you what time it is.

You have the opportunity to buy them here. Whether it will be one or the other is not the most important; just you remember that a clock is an obvious way to raise awareness about you. Especially with the girls.


Watch with red strap

This watch has a red thong and a relatively low price. The watch sits between two chairs – this is not a typical watch, but it is also not a yellow and green watch as a surfer would have on. Therefore the watch fits to a very broad group of people! Learn more on

Are you a student? So the watch is for you. An ordinary young man with a handle on things, that neither wants to be too much of one or the other. A good watch for a sensible young man!


Silver business watch

This watch is very close to the traditional watch, but as yet not since  a silver color is put on the entire agency. Usually such watches metal colored, but it doesn’t have to be.

You get a very seriously and professionally watch that weighs well and sends a signal that you are not too funny. But given that the agency has received a silver color instead of the normal metal color, there is still a hint of  freshness in the agency. You are with in the high League – but you’re not boring for that reason.


And it is not a very bad signal to send!

The alternative – watch in necklace

If you want to try something completely different, a digital clock that hangs in a necklace is made for you. It looks not so often.

Here there may almost be different to talk about. The undersigned can at least see no reason to have the clock in a necklace instead of the wrist. But if you like to send signals that you’re a bit alternative and certainly don’t need to have the clock in the same place as everyone else.

As long as you have a watch, all is good. It would be a shame to miss this opportunity to market yourself to the other sex. Right?