The Trousers Suit For Ladies: Elegant Second-Hand

Figurbetont, with crease, flap pockets and buttoned cuffs. Whether in the office, for formal occasions or for celebrations-the ladies’ trousers suit can no longer be imagined from the fashion world.

He has his firm place next to the men’s suit only since the seventies. This rather young classic of fashion history first appeared in Paris around 1927, at a time when women with a short haircut and trousers suit their rights, both fashionably and politically.

The celebrated Marlene Dietrich became an icon of the trousers suit, which would later bear her name: á la Marlene Dietrich. Without their male-inspired outfits, the ladies’ trousers would never have reached cult status. Pantsuits for ladies were sporty and festive-then as now. Today, he stands less for the equality of women and the revolution of women’s fashion, than for professionalism and professionalism in professional life. The elegant second-hand has risen to the business uniform: when Mrs. Timetables and appointments manage, then in the trousers suit.

Sexy, Serious And Confident-Pantsuits For Every Occasion

But that does not mean that the suit for women is banished to the office. An elegant trousers suit is so dressy and sexy that woman can wear it on different occasions.
Instead of eye-catching dress goes quite synonymous a pants suit at the bar. But please without a fly-otherwise you get tip. For family celebrations and other celebrated parties such as weddings, trousers suits are a refreshing change in the festive wardrobe. Here it may also be sometimes colored. Shrugging colors should be avoided at wedding parties-the bride steals the show. Red, light blue, green in all shades and pinks are strong colors, which are not too obtrusive.

A real advantage of the trousers suit is its combinability. To a noble blouse in delicate tones or a cotton top, together with flat shoes or pumps, he makes itself outstanding. With a glittering brooch, a button and a high-quality bag, he will also be able to inspire his audience in the opera and on state receptions.

What Woman In The Trousers Suit Should Consider

Anyone who wants to make a career should, however, renounce such refined details.
As the career begins with the choice of clothing, it is very important to pay attention to the company’s own clothing regulations. The right clothing often decides about career opportunities and career jumps. This means for women in higher positions: covered colors when choosing the outfit. Dark gray, brown and dark blue are the usual colors of the business world. If you want to be self-confident and competent, it is best to see no naked upper arms and legs, and no free decolletee. Discreet details or accentuating color pigments to the trousers suit, however, round off the appearance.
To be professional, the trousers suit should be made of wrinkle-free material and with a well-groomed exterior. It is advisable to choose the classic version with a straight leg cut and not to experiment.