The Vintage Ethical Choice

Some time ago, in one of my afternoons when I wandered on the web, I came across portal that initially fascinated me for its graphic construction and the care with which the contents are presented. I did not realize, however, where I had come across, I had not intended to be happened in one of the large containers of European vintage. Oh well, I’m a lover of all things retro, used, vintage, etc. etc. I ceeeertamente have all understood, so as you can imagine, I went off into this site to fully understand what really trattasse.Bene, ANGELO is practically one of the selling points of vintage clothing and accessories largest in Europe, as well as archive reference for professionals in the fashion industry interested in the subject.


Its creator, Angelo Caroli, has always wanted to pursue a more commercial ethical projecti tself, in fact, is fascinated by clothes that somehow they are alive, speak to us and tell us something. Clothes that have a memory and leading experience and history within their own plots of which they are made: a coat about a 1800s man who wore it, a crinoline of a woman in the same period. ANGELO is a selling point first, as I just mentioned, located in Palace of Lugo, Ravenna, where vintage produced very ad hoc scenes features, they suggest the most suitable leader to our personality. Because to choose to wear a vintage garment, you have to be prepared, you have to feel the need and the need to feel a deep connection not only with the dress itself, but almost with the person before us had loved him and bought. It often happens to me during my shopping in flea markets to buy a scarf because I communicated a feeling, an emotion…


By continuing to browse the site then, you should go to peep into what is really organized well, I realized that … there is an e-commerce!!!
absolutely wonderful news I would say, for me and for all of you! Each section is divided by categories and allows us to keep an eye on the latest arrivals, the goods balance and the vintage of tomorrow, allowing visitors to view clothing and accessories magnifying images and seeing all worn by a model, so it allows us precisely understand lineee and forms a jacket, dress, pants.
But ANGELO does more, in fact you will find a section where are realized right from the same company models independently or in collaboration with famous designers… obviously the result of these experimentation is really exciting.
Another aspect that I want to emphasize is the price of the garments for sale. Despite the high quality guaranteed by brands that sign almost all the leaders who buys and resells ANGELO, prices are absolutely content.
Well I just have to ask you to look at this paradise of vintage!