The Xepa of Winter Liquis

According to the informal internet dictionary, xepa means. More specifically, the fruits and vegetables that were not sold at the fair and the carnies leave on the street.

In today’s post, the word in question wins a meaning a little bit different. Instead of fruit and vegetables, let’s talk about jackets that were left behind. Yes! We’re talking about the winter liquis xepa!

In fact, the idea of talking about the winter liquis xepa came from the simple need to warm up. In the winter of last year I forgot my jacket warmer (and practical, and very basic) on the bus and never found.Cabou I managed to survive the end of this winter without the blessed lost the BUSA … until now.

It was cold as hell in Sao Paulo this week. And freezing, I went in search of a cool jacket to keep me warm.

And, as well as with the boot past post, couldn’t be a better time to look for a jacket. OK, I could have gotten a little bit before and have found a lot more variety of coats in liqui. But I arrived at xepa. The dregs that had blown from more people tuned in liquis didn’t like it. On the other hand, this also means, often, price more comrades because of markdowns.

I went to three stores: Forever 21, Zara and Riachuelo and I confess that I was disappointed with the xepa of Forevis. Actually, I had a rack of xepa until a big girl, but with few choices of jackets. No big deal there.

Zara had some cool stuff. And whenever we talk about it, there are discussions about Zara’s prices in liquis. I agree that it is generally more expensive than it should be, especially compared to the prices out there. But, the truth is that, unfortunately, the people that are regular worker that Brazil can’t be traveling and buying stuff out to your wishes. So, for those who buy Zara here and enjoy, I think it’s worth taking advantage of the liquis Yes. Just don’t be charmed simply by the Orange price tag and be always looking for cost-benefit analysis. Panning right can find things with nice quality and timeless design and reasonable price. Like that jacket here, a kind of especially with little military coat bicolor Green+Marine:

I found it very interesting and, with the right look can be very chic. In addition, the material and workmanship were very good, which makes me think that the value of R$179,00 was super fair and really worth it.

Finally, came the Riachuelo (which I was only able to go today at lunch). And I’m glad I went there. Despite a few parrots yet in liquidation, the pieces were great and super good prices. In addition, had coats for all types of cold. Since men’s super heavy and warm, even coats with a footprint more sports and tecidinho Middle SWEATSUIT.

Ready. Now that you’ve prepared with boot and jacket pro cold just lack even make a date (Murphy’s law). Check the collection here: