There will Be Light – the Leitz Style Led Table Light

When I write about my posts, one of two things is usually true: it is after 9 pm and my wife is busy elsewhere or it is early in the weekend and I take the time for my blog. Either way, it is not really bright outside. Fortunately, there are some kind of table lights that illuminate the work environment. No matter what time of day or night.

Meanwhile stands with me on the desk the Leitz Style LED table light, which was given me during a test. This is not only a means to put the workplace in the right light, but also as a design piece in the home office. Can the price of 299 euros be justified-by its function !? This is exactly what I would like to comment on in this report, and especially the fact that luminaire is not the same light.

Leitz-Can Not Just The Files…?

One thing in advance, Leitz, I have always associated with the Leitz folder of the same name, which is always used as a synonym for file folders. However, the company can do more than “just” file folders. Esselte Leitz GmbH&Co KG, the company’s full name, has its headquarters in Stuttgart and has been part of the Esselte Group since 1998.

The company was founded in 1871 by the mechanic and billing book manufacturer Louis Leitz. At that time the Leitz folder was still a relatively primitive device for imposing paper between file covers.In 1893 there was a further development step with the known mechanism, with the change-over lever and bracket, before the Griffloch was introduced in the folder rack in 1911. By which a similar development of the folder was achieved as it is now found in many offices.

As already mentioned, the company has been part of the Esselte Group since 1998. At the time of the sale, the company had 2,500 employees and generated sales of 280 million euros. In 2011 Leitz took another step towards the future by entering a direct sales channel in the area of ​​mass customization. As a customer, you have the possibility to design and order folders in individual design.

In order to answer the question asked by myself, Leitz can be much more than a file director. The company’s product range includes a wide range of products, which are designed for desk organization and storage. This also includes the Leitz Style range, which is characterized by products with a striking, modern design. There you will find next to basket and pens, as well as modern USB chargers and stands for smartphones and tablets as well as the Leitz Style LED table light presented here.

For More Style On The Desk

In the Leitz Style series, the company presents stylish accessories that make the difference. The series features practical everyday objects in metallic colors and surfaces. Leitz relies on the targeted connection of traditional office products with modern business tools. The heart of the Leitz Style series is the new and app-controlled smart LED desk light.

The design of all products of the Leitz-Style series is characterized by ipdd, which also has its headquarters in Stuttgart. Amongst other things you will find in their portfolio designs for stools, bird houses, mopeds, tacklers, pens, and a lot more. A little experience is thus available.

The Leitz Style LED Table Light In Detail

Enough of the prelude, let’s take a look at the Leitz Style LED table lamp, which gives me enough light to write my blog contributions or even when I decide to read a little in the evening. As mentioned in the introduction, one can expect a little more from the Leitz Style LED table lamp than from a 0815 luminaire from the hardware store or Swedish furniture houses.

The LED table light from the Leitz Style series features a striking, partly minimalist design. The base of the luminaire is a high-quality one-piece stand made of zinc and anodised aluminum profiles. In the front, this is a little more bulky than the back and thus ensures a secure stand. A USB output integrated in the stand allows the tablet or smartphone to be charged easily.

The light is definitely minimalist. Easy to build likewise. Two screws supplied together with the appropriate Allen key are sufficient to make the LED table light work. Thanks to three joints, the Leitz Style LED table lamp can be adjusted according to your own wishes.It can be operated either via the control elements in the foot of the luminaire or via a free app.

Features Of The Leitz Style LED Table Light

The control elements in the foot are located directly on the transition from lamp-foot to lamp-arm. Five keys allow the Leitz Style LED table light to be operated. In spite of their minimalist appearance, they are easy to assign. The LED table light has an on/off switch as well as the possibility to adjust the brightness. This is done in increments of 20%. Long press allows the brightness to be set to maximum/minimum.

The reading button sets the light of the luminaire to a pleasant light, which, as the name suggests, is most suitable for reading.Therefore, it is quite understandable that the relaxation button adjusts the light so that a relaxing atmosphere is established. On request, the brightness can be adjusted according to the environment, ie the lamp has an automatic dimming.

A good example of this function is this post itself. So I started to write this Saturday morning in the morning, it was still dark outside and the LED light had to bring to the start according to power. With the first sunrays and the setting brightness, the Leitz Style luminaire has gradually become darker. On the same principle, it becomes brighter in the evening when the natural light slowly disappears. This function is supported by seven warm white LEDs and seven cold white LEDs, which can be dimmed separately to adjust the light intensity and color temperature.

Apps Bring The True Power Of LED Desk Light From Leitz Style

In order to avoid the discussion at all, everyone should decide for themselves whether one needs a LED luminaire, which can be controlled by apps. The same applies, of course, to all other everyday objects, which are increasingly digitized. In the Leitz Style luminaire at least, I have convinced the advantages. LEDs are economical to use, as well as the automatic on/off function of the desk lamp, as soon as you enter or leave the connection zone, energy saving becomes even easier.

It is, of course, a luxury when you come to the office in the evening and do not have to look for the light switch of the lamp in the dark.I would have missed such a function before Leitz luminaire, let alone expect-but now it would definitely be missing.

The free iOS and Android apps are still waiting for further features.For example, it first connects to the Leitz Style LED via Bluetooth, then offers the possibility to make various settings. Not only the functions of the control element of the luminaire are shown in the app, but also two self-assignable buttons (modes) as well as the possibility of regulating the light temperature of 3,000-6,400 K is given.

In the app you can find under the point Ambience the possibility of functions such as relaxation, reading or two self-configured modes.Under Controls , a scale is displayed that represents the light intensity and color temperature of the LED light. Here you can influence the light of the light by moving the selection area in real time.

Intelligence, to this name hears the last point of the app, gives the possibility that the lamp can be regulated intelligently. Here one must first select an age range as well as the intended activity, before deciding whether the lamp itself also dims, or when leaving the room on/off. When this selection is made, the LED table light from Leitz Style decides which light is the best.

My Conclusion To The Leitz Style LED Table Light

For me, the Leitz Style LED Table Lamp provides an enrichment in everyday life and makes it much easier for me to work on the blog. Just such small details as the automatic dimming, as well as the on/off when entering/leaving the connection zone I would not miss any more. Whether it is justified to ask for a price of 299 euros and whether you need a luminaire with app control at all, that should decide everyone for themselves.

Personally I see it from the standpoint that you do not buy such a desk light every year and has long lasting thanks to long-lasting LEDs, a high-quality workmanship and a thought-out, timeless design. It also convinces with its different modes, which a 0815 lamp can not have. Therefore, I am quite willing to invest a little money to make the work on the blog more enjoyable for the future.