These Shoes Are Really Top!

Top pumps were in the last few years about as hip as, belly-free tops or tennissocks in sandals. But behold, which was still considered as No Go in fashion, has been a trend since spring 2012. And in the autumn too, top pumps can see daylight again. This is how it is in the world of fashion, there are trends that seem to be forgotten, and suddenly we can rummage women in the back corners of our wardrobe to get the dusty pieces back to the front. Dear men, there you have the reason why we simply do not radically eradicate; we just can not do it! ūüėČ

Why, however, the pointed pumps? They are elegant and classic and fit perfectly to the fashionable 50ies style. They can also be combined with skirts and pants.

I like the pumps in varnish. When combined with a pair of jeans, the outfit is not just casual, but a touch of elegance. Here is a styling idea of ‚Äč‚Äčmine:

So then I would say, who is still reminiscent of pointed pumps in his collection, may now go on the search for them. And if you do not have any, you should be able to make the most of this season.