They Have Managed to Unlock the Facebook Ad Blocker

It did not last two days. On Tuesday (9), the Facebook announced measures to display advertisements even for those who use blockers. Surprise: the community has found a way to circumvent the imposition of the social network. With only an update on the filters, users can avoid the ads in News Feed and on the sidebar of Facebook.

For obvious reasons, Facebook had not revealed exactly how pass over the ad blockers. Apparently, Facebook removed codes deduravam explicitly that a particular element on the page was propaganda. It’s like the ads in News Feed to be just a regular publication of a friend, preventing the blocking detect advertising.

On Thursday (11), Adblock Plus announced that the filter EasyList also used by other blockers, has been updated to prevent the display of the Facebook advertisements. The code to unlock the blocking blocker fits in a tweet:[id^=”substream_”] ._5jmm[data-dedupekey][data-cursor][data-xt][data-xt-vimpr=”1″][data-ftr=”1″][data-fte=”1″]

Of course, Facebook can find other ways to prevent the action of blockers. Still, the Adblock Plus says this is a cat and mouse: “It is possible that Facebook write some code to make the filter useless at any time. If this happens, the ad blocking community will probably find another solution, then Facebook will try to get around again. ”

When Facebook announced the measure, he decided to snipe “certain undertakings” blockers who tried to make a financial agreement to put the social network in the allowed list of ads. The EYEO responsible for Adblock Plus is one of the charging to unlock advertisements: according to the Financial Times. She asks for 30% of ad revenue that would not be displayed on Google, Microsoft and Amazon have agreements with Adblock Plus.

“For this round of cat and mouse contest, it appears that the mouse won,” says Adblock Plus. It seems that we will have new chapters soon.