Things Your Baby Hates And You Have No Idea

There are things that most babies hate and often parents do not even notice.

Things Your Baby Hates And You Have No Idea

The only way babies communicate with their parents in the early days is through crying. They cry because they are hungry, thirsty, the diaper is dirty, or simply because they need affection and love.

The baby has his needs and over time parents learn to identify their way of communicating through sounds, gestures or cries.

5 Things Your Baby Hates


Be alone

No adult likes to be alone or to be ignored, your baby does not either. He does not realize why he is alone and for him it is as if he were abandoned.

Soft toys with sound, music or mobiles are a way for the baby not to feel alone.


Too much heat / too much clothing

The baby likes to be comfortable. Many parents fill their babies with layers of clothing as long as they are cold and sick.

Imagine you are full of layers of clothing that keep you from moving freely. Babies also feel this tightness and discomfort.

# 3

Strong smells

Babies are getting to know the world, their senses are getting cramped and the strong smells can bother you a lot.

Imagine going in the elevator with a person who has put on a perfume too strong, the smell can annoy and even cause bad feeling. The same happens with babies, avoid putting heavy perfumes together with babies.

# 4

Rough things

Baby clothes are one of mom’s biggest concerns.

Most opt ​​for cotton clothing in the early days because it is best suited for baby’s sensitive skin.

Babies hate harsh things, even because they can cause allergy and skin irritation, one of those things is the beard.

Dads, be careful with the beard.

# 5

Sounds high

We should not raise the baby in a protected world and walk on tiptoe. However, most babies hate loud or strident sounds.