This Helps in Sciatic Pain During Pregnancy

The sciatic nerve runs lumbar spine down the buttocks and the knee to the foot. Many expectant mothers to feel get the existence of the sciatic nerve: suddenly a sinking logs and burning pain that can stretch across the Po until far in the leg.

This Helps in Sciatic Pain During Pregnancy

The cause is the growing baby belly. The weight of the baby presses into the basin and irritates the nerve.

To support the baby and to wear, while developing the abdominal muscles and become stronger. So he is also strengthens the gluteus maximus but needs movement. He does not get the sufficient, the blood flow to the muscle is reduced. He can oppose not enough pressure on the nerve, promptly register the pain.

Even if you will have probably have no desire to do so right off the bat: in addition to relaxing thermal movement helps sciatica pain. Also, to get out of the gentle attitude, due to reflex that you make up when the pain there is. As a result but most of the time, that the muscles even more cramped.

Here are a few exercises that you do well:

  • Massage with the Hedgehog ball: There are about fist Hedgehog balls for example in the sports retail market. With such a ball, your partner can massage the painful area with you with gentle pressure. Or you lean against a wall or door, where you pinched the ball at the point which most hurts (often the buttocks). Now, you make small circular movements to massage this point.
  • Easy stretching exercises: Stretch the foot on the affected side alternately slowly forwards and backwards. Hold it please, for example on the door frame. Best repeat the track exercise throughout the day distributed 10 to 15 times.

Also find more exercises and tips to the Hedgehog ball massage in this video.