Three Monkeys That Rolled Around in Pajama Parties

And no use sleeping to disguise the moment, huh!

It does not matter if you go to sleep in your friend’s house or her in yours, if you’re together, you can roll a monkey similar to the one of these readers.

  1. Xiiii… xi.

“I went to sleep at a friend’s house and in the middle of the night I started to dream about the bathroom. Is not it that I ended up peeing in her bed ?! Luckily, she went out a little earlier to keep her company in the living room, so she had time to try to disguise it.” Mico sent by AP, aged 15.
There! Let’s just say this was not quite the kind of dream we’d like to see come true, right?

  1. What an overflow(or not)

“One day my friend went to sleep in my house. It was like a pajama night, so we were going to watch a movie. I decided to make popcorn. When I threw the corn in the pot I waited a little and it was not bursting. I thought it was strange and I called my friend. She looked at the packaging and guess what? It was not popcorn, but it was popcorn. She was laughing too much.”   Mico sent by AJ, age 14.
My God! I imagine you trying to burst those gigantic corns! Hahaha

  1. Good musical day

“One day I went to sleep at my friend’s house and my cell phone was supposed to wake up in the morning, very early, and I forgot to turn it off. He started playing and my friend’s mother thought it was her brother who was listening to loud music that time of the morning. So she got into a lot of fights with him. Only after a while did I realize that it was my cell phone and I got up to hang up, all bland.” Mico sent by CA, 15.
What a boring situation! At least the music was cool? Imagine waking up early, inadvertently, to the soft sound of heavy metal?

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