Tips for Buying a Flashlight

What to consider when buying a flashlight? With over 70 flashlights defined by Wikipedia at professionals lights of the foremost manufacturers, we know that it is difficult to choose flashlight that fits your needs. We have therefore compiled a buying guide of information and tips regarding function, economy and durability, as well as other information that may be helpful to know when to buy a new flashlight.

Out in the market today are a plethora of flashlights in various price ranges, but there is something in the notion that you get what you pay for. We are convinced that quality pays off because it is not economical to buy a new flashlight all the time. In addition to a real flashlight lasts longer, it also works better and you get better from it. To add a little more money on a good or a good pair of flashlights from the beginning and therefore did not need to buy new all the time, we think that the economy and sensible reasoning. Flashlights that you find with us are flashlights with quality up to scratch and we have a variety of flashlights in several price ranges. We will help you find the right flashlight for you.

LED lights are now a matter of course – with you cannot buy anything!


Most flashlights currently manufactured in aircraft aluminum, the exact alloy used is not specified by the manufacturers, but the aircraft aluminum is used because it is heat resistant and strong. Flashlights can also be made of polymer (plastic) which is corrosion resistant, resistant to high temperatures and strong.


The reflector is a very important part in a torch, to reflect the light from the trail and to reinforce the light. Manufacturers are developing the reflector in different ways, but the purpose is to make the light image and homogeneous light distribution optimized.


In the same way that the reflector lenses evolve differently depending on the manufacturer, because the lens is a combination, along with the reflector.

Switch location and operation

Switch position at the rear of the flashlight or the side of the flashlight. The trend is that most manufacturers place the switch at the rear of the flashlight. When the switch is on the side of the bulb is somewhat easier to manage but is more unprotected. The most common brytartypen pressure switch is, but there are also switch which is moved forwards and back, then placed on the side of the flashlight.

With the new technology, the development of flashlights where many features are built-in flashlight, switch button has been expanded functionality, not only to be an on/off button, but functionality is controlled by the switch button.

Focusing system

A flashlight focused light can be changed so you get a broad beam of light to approach or a narrower beam of light which shines beyond. There are also flashlights where you can not focus the light at all.


There are different focusing system, is a rotating light head back and forth. It requires you to use both hands to focus the flashlight.

Slide focus

The other way is to shoot the lamp head back and forth, it can withstand most often with one hand. Some flashlights have a lock, where you turn the light head when you reach the focus you want.

No focus

Flashlights lacking focusing system can handle usually a higher rating against water and dust. Security classified ATEX does not focus systems. Do not dive lights either. In addition to these lights so lacking focusing system of simpler torches.

Luminous flux

Lumen is a measure of light output and describes how much light the torch in total releases. Since it is the total light in all directions measured, it can sometimes be misleading to rely completely on the lumen. Some manufacturers calculate the theoretical value, while others enter the light bulb emits (ANSI FL1). Candela is a unit of measurement of light intensity, that is, power emitted by a light source in a particular direction.


How long can you use your flashlight with one set of batteries or how long the rechargeable battery lasts until it is time to load them again. There is usually a declaration by the manufacturer how to have measured the data found.


Anger in meters how far the lamp.

Design and features

Manufacturers are developing the flashlights constantly and introduce new features. The lamp head can be designed with small holes in the side of the lamp head, which means that if you put the light on a flat surface so visible it was still light is. The lamp head can also be configured with grooves to achieve the same results. There is a flashlight where you can use it to smash a pane of glass.


Different types of batteries used to supply the torch with power. There are rechargeable (secondary) or disposable batteries.
It is important that the battery is connected to polriktigt flashlight. When the battery change takes place in a flashlight with more batteries, replace all batteries at once and preferably only use new, or fully charged batteries of the same type, brand and strength. If you are not using the flashlight at a time, remove the batteries from the flashlight. This is to prevent leakage which can damage the battery flashlight and environment. All batteries have a certain self-discharge, so that they eventually run out, even if they are not connected to the flashlight. Used batteries are classified in Sweden as hazardous waste and worn batteries should not be thrown away with household waste, but collected under municipal regulations.

Rechargeable batteries

Nickel abbreviated NiMH, is a type of rechargeable battery . The construction of a NiMH battery similar to a nickel – cadmiumbattery (NiCd). Both batteries look very similar and provide a voltage of about 1.2 volts. A NiMH battery has approximately 50% more run time than a corresponding NiCd battery. NiMH batteries are also more environmentally friendly than NiCd battery. Another advantage of the NiMH lower weight per cell. The drawback of NiMH is that it rapidly self-discharge, the rate is about 10% the first day and then about 1.5% per day. There is also a greater risk of fire to recharge a NiMH battery than a NiCad battery as the temperature becomes higher during charging. There are new types of NiMH batteries with 10% self-discharge per year according to, which means that capacity can be at 70-85% depending on the manufacturer and model.

Nickel cadmium abbreviated NiCd is a type of rechargeable battery similar NiMH. Voltage 1.2 V.

Lithium ion battery abbreviated Li-Ion. Lijonbatteri is more gentle on the environment and are increasingly replacing Nickel-Metal Hydride.

Safety Ytrion Cell, new power module developed by Ledlenser. More secure energy cells than lithium ion batteries and significantly lighter than nickel metal hydride batteries.

Charging stations

Rechargeable batteries charged in different ways.

Through the batteries are left in the flashlight and put in a charging station, or a connection cord is connected to the flashlight (usually via mini USB connector). It is an easy and quick way to have fully charged batteries.

For some flashlights require that you remove the batteries and charge them in a separate charging station. The advantage of this system is that you can have multiple sets of batteries to quickly change batteries fully charged in flashlight.

Sources charging via power outlet, via the computer (USB connection) or via 12-24 volt outlet in your car or boat.

Class listings

It is not always that the classification given for the flashlight from the manufacturer, with the major classifications are IP and ATEX.

Water resistance

IP (Ingress Protection) Intrusion Protection classifications specifies the environmental protection the enclosure on the flashlight provides. The IP rating normally has two numbers (IPXX). The first number represents the protection against solid objects or materials (dust), while the second number stands for protection against liquids (water). Protection against water ingress. No water must penetrate in such a quantity, or in such a place that satisfactory operation is affected or jeopardized the security of the flashlight.

IPX4 – Protected against water sprinkling on the flashlight. The flashlight can handle normal rain.
IPX5 – Protected against water sprayed toward the flashlight.
IPX6 – Protected against water sprayed heavily toward the flashlight.
IPX7 – Protected against water when the flashlight is temporarily immersed in water. Can a quick dip in the lake.
IPX8 – Protected against water when the flashlight is continuously immersed in water.


ATEX Directive is the EU Directive dealing with equipment and work in areas where there is a risk of explosive mixtures. This affects the requirements for electrical equipment for use in potentially explosive areas.

ATEX covers a wide range. It could be energy companies with solid fuel, fuel oil and/or natural gas, carpentry, farming, paint companies, powder and chemicals management in different forms, fuel stations, mills, schools (chemistry labs), restaurants that handle liquefied petroleum gas or other flammable gas / liquid, petrochemical and other sensitive environments.
ATEX Directive (94/9 / EC) regulates that manufacturers can deliver only properly certified electrical equipment for use in potentially explosive areas. From the workers side there is another ATEX Directive (99/92 / EC) that regulates the requirements for improving the safety and health protection of workers potentially at risk from explosive atmospheres. Both directives are mandatory. The hazardous areas are divided into zones, Zone 0 and 20, zone 1 and 21 and Zones 2 and 22, depending on the level of risk. In each zone, only equipment category 1, 2 and 3 are as follows:

Zone 0 and 20 only equipment category 1

Zone 1 and 21 equipment category 1 or 2

Zone 2 and 22 equipment category 1, 2 or 3

How do I carry my flashlight when I do not use it

For the flashlight often accompanies a holster for you to carry the torch in a belt. There are different types of holsters, a transparent, which helps if you frequently use the flashlight and want to put it back after use. One with lids that better protects flashlight and reduces the risk that it falls out of the holster. The holster also protects the lamp when you are not using it. A new type of holster has come from Ledlenser called Intelligent Clip where you put the lamp in an open bracket and can put intelligent clip belt. The lamp can be rotated so that you do not need to loosen the flashlight from the holder.

Wrist is a simple strap that is in a loop at the back of the flashlight that you can carry the flashlight. Requires that the flashlight is small and light. The wrist strap is also an extra protection when you use the flashlight so you do not drop it. For some flashlights are a strap designed to carry the flashlight around the neck, which is handy when you always know where you have the flashlight.

Stands and mounts

There are several different types of holder for the flashlight. Holder to attach the flashlight on a bicycle handlebar, important to keep in mind is that it should be easy to attach and remove the flashlight on the holder because of the risk of theft when parking the bicycle. Universal holder for the pole so that it can use the flashlight as lighting in the tent. Holder to attach the flashlight on the gun or rifle scope, the tracking hunting.


Cone in the orange color is produced for some flashlights. Cone to your flashlight that allows you to have a highly visible emergency signal at your disposal. For police, ambulance, rescue, car wreckers, bilassistansservice, and security personnel, emit reflection-free red light to give attention. A flashlight and Cone should be in every car.
Signal cone is also of interest for the clearance of aircraft, excellent light distribution, long seen with extreme brightness.


Filter kit to put in front of the lens of the flashlight will enable you to get a colored light. Red to preserve your own night vision and green does not interfere with night vision or frighten wildlife. There are also filters that are built into a special holster, which means that you do not need to charge the flashlight when you use it.


Generally, the accessories are produced by the respective manufacturers and are often only suited to their own flashlights.


Manufacturer Ledlenser

Ledlenser is one of the major manufacturers of flashlights and they have a consistently solid collection with many different series of flashlights and many accessories. Ledlenser really flashlights that fit all needs, from the simple replacement lamp to the most advanced for search and rescue, military and police.


P series is Ledlensers most popular and successful ficklampserie. Flashlights for those who need a simple flashlight with much performance. But also for those who place high demands. All the torches in the P series is the focus, there are lamps with both rechargeable batteries and disposable batteries. For the P-series is a wide range of accessories.


Extremely light in a small and flexible flashlight, no focus, and with disposable batteries.


Series of you who need a lot of light. Ledlensers flagship will find the X-Series. All X-Series top flashlights have more than one part. Available with rechargeable batteries and disposable batteries. Lamps with Safety Ytrion cell here.


You are looking flashlight with many features you will find them in the M series. All the lights are, of course, focus, many lighting applications and energy saving features. Pocket lamps are fitted with automatic SOS, strobe, etc. There are lamps with both rechargeable batteries and disposable batteries.


Torches focus. Torches for disposable batteries. The T Series are many accessories. Next to the P-series, T-series Ledlensers popular range of standard flashlights.


Dyklampa simple and proven. Have long existed in Ledlensers range.

Manufacturer Lupine

It is Lupines goal of producing the most powerful and best torches in the world. It is only thanks to extensive experience in design, software development, sophisticated manufacturing processes and complex assembly by hand, at the head office in Neumarkt, Germany, Lupine can offer such a high quality, durable and powerful products. Lupine is a system of thinking in everything they do. This means that many accessories are suitable for various types of lamps. A wide range of accessories is also available to find the Lupine.


Round flashlights with 7 points. Professional Flashlights beyond the time. Rechargeable battery.


Flat flashlight with 2 levels. For Pikoserien available accessories for the bike. Rechargeable battery.

Manufacturer Pelican

During more than 30 years Peli has built a reputation as a manufacturer of the most durable, brilliant and ATEX safety certified flashlights. Over the years, Peli has received confirmation of this from firefighters, industrial workers, police officers and the military, who were all very satisfied with their products’ performance. They have been able to focus on their job of saving lives, even their own, thanks to Peli lamps superb performance in critical situations.

Manufacturer NEXTORCH

NEXTORCH sole focus is to produce superior portable flashlights. NEXTORCH using the most advanced lighting technology while reaching maximum efficiency for the power supply. For durability, lifespan and ergonomics, is NEXTORCH flashlights made of rugged aircraft aluminum. Simply put, NEXTORCH offers “a brilliant solution” for mobile products that are powerful, efficient, reliable and compact.

First in the world also STT Smart Torch Technology, which makes it possible to program your flashlight. You are not tied to the presets in the lamp.

Manufacturer Suprabeam

SUPRABEAM was founded in 2001 and is a Danish company that designs and distributes innovative LED flashlights and headlamps of the highest quality with a focus on professionals and outdoor use. SUPRABEAM creating innovative high-end lighting solutions for the demanding professional market by combining the skills, craftsmanship with the latest technology. The diversity of SUPRABEAMs product portfolio demonstrates the purposeful effort to provide you with the right
tools to fulfill your duties in the best possible way. The goal is to maintain its position as market leader through a market-oriented
product development, extreme quality and the best possible after-sales service.

What a flashlight should you buy?

There are many aspects to consider when you’re buying a flashlight. What will you use the flashlight to how you should use your flashlight when you use the flashlight, where will you use the flashlight, and what gets flashlight cost.

What will you use the flashlight to

It is important that you ask yourself what you are going to use the flashlight to, you will need some accessories to fit the flashlight. What is the scope it should have, how far will it be able to shine? How much light output do I need? Should the flashlight to focus or is it a flashlight without focus? How long burning time do I need?

How will you use the flashlight

It must have a safety (SOS function) when you are out in nature? Should you be able to use strobe function against such. As an intruder?

When should you use the flashlight

Is flashlight for private use or will use it in your job? Will you only use the flashlight once a year? It should be used very often rechargeable batteries preferable, otherwise it is enough disposable batteries.

Where will you use the flashlight

Should you use the flashlight where it is not possible to charge batteries? Should you use the flashlight in explosive environments? Is there a risk that it could fall into the water? Should you use it in the water?

What makes the flashlight cost?

As we wrote initially, you get what you pay for. Here is an important aspect of any warranty left on the flashlight.


Probably can not have a flashlight fulfill all your wishes. We have in this buyer’s guide describes the structure and properties of the flashlights available on pro lamps.

You can see here our full range of flashlights and read further about each flashlight to find just the flashlight that fits your needs.


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