Tips for Camping

An interesting question is: why camp? The first answer that comes to mind is the financial part. Many interesting and beautiful places can have a hosting and camping is the best option.

Another relevant response is that many natural attractions of our country are in areas without infrastructure, enabling only the camping. And worth checking out the nature, wake up with the birds or sleep in the rain.

What to bring?

If you are stopping in a camping organized, the need for the journey is a tent, sleeping bag or bedroll and a tarp to cover the floor of the tent. The rest, like showers, stoves or grills and electrical energy you find in camping itself.

But, if your intention is to go camping in “wild” areas, that is, without the infrastructure of a camping, must take a two stove burners or stove, lantern or flashlight and a styrofoam cooler, to keep food fresh. Always remember that, if you’re camping in a wild area, be careful with nature!

Power supply

If your claim for the camping is eating at trendy restaurant the beach or city as you go, so you don’t have problems. But, for those who want to do your own food and don’t waste money on restaurants follow these important tips:

  • Search make a varied and balanced food;
  • Don’t eat only ramen noodles and canned foods, look for taking vegetables;
  • Soy meat is a good option for animal protein and does not need to be stored in the chest.

A matter of solidarity

In camping, a very common practice and adopted by the majority of its practitioners is solidarity. Any problem you have, like car’s not running, difficulty setting up the tent or unexpected after a Cloudburst, their neighbors campers usually comes to help.

Another common practice is the loan, because, although check everything before you leave, someone may have forgotten something. In these hours, loan and be helpful, because one day you may need too!

How to find campgrounds by Brazil

The site Webcamping aggregates several companies in the sector of camping and ecotourism, with the objective to inform and assist the camper. The information ranges from the purchase of your Trailer to the choice of equipment and camping sites in the country.