Tips for Wedding Suits for Bridegrooms

Looking for inspiration for your wedding dress the groom?

Read our tips on classic and modern wedding dresses. Be sure to find the right one for your future husband.

There is a lot more options than the classic dark suit.

Classic dark – match vest with a tie

Dark suit is a classic wedding. With him always hit the mark. It is essentially constant in men’s fashion. Varies slightly cuts. Now they are narrower modern slim fit with profound or vice versa little flap. Exceptionally discover and jacket with collar, but you need to do a better figure. Although a collar visually extended character but Lapel better shaped body proportions and hides even bigger belly. Choose suits perfect cut and quality materials. Be careful, but do not look boring or whatever you can to not confuse marriage with waiters. To make a classic dark suit seemed interesting, we have a great tip. Fill a suit vest and tie the malt. It looks great and sumptuous.

Modern shine – for the daring and slender grooms

For 2010, often appeared at a fashion show suits of glossy materials. If you are brave and you like this style, do not hesitate and choose glossy wedding suit.But beware of a disadvantage, although shiny material looks luxurious and festive, but also highlights any fat deposits on the body. So be judicial, and if you’re not prepared or skinny figure, avoid shiny suits arc. A dark shiny suit choose a simple white shirt in a classic style. Shiny Suit is already so large that no noticeable accessories and garments needed. Visit for more.

White and cream – the groom in a light suit

Many brides want their groom was dressed in white like her. Many men but the idea of ​​a light suit scares. But it is useless. Well-chosen white or cream-colored suit can look great. But certainly pay attention to the perfect fit and quality materials for light material because everything goes more visible. Also highlighted in a light suit large belly, but it can disguise vest, which will be a bit darker. To select a light suit with white shirt and bright tie or bow tie. Whole should act reconciliation. Beware of dark accessories, can act like a sore thumb.

Shades of brown – natural tones work nicely

Wedding dress in brown or light brown in looks very good and not so solemn. Rather less suited for festive weddings in a simpler style, eg. In nature. It looks great, if you add such a suit, white shirt and white or light brown tie. Less formally, then has a brown suit without a vest, a dark tie.

Less formally – the classic is not for everyone groom

Simple and less formal style is becoming increasingly popular. Especially suited for weddings in the meadow, country-style or even on the beach. It depends on how the whole wedding concept and also what the wedding dress will be the bride. Less formal than a suit operates suit pants with a white shirt and waistcoat. To more casual attire, then suffice white shirt and chinos. Shoes and belt should be more elegant than sporty.