Tips: How to Choose the Right Glasses

Two readers here of CG super babies… they asked me a story onglasses. So, here it is! Fact is that the glasses these days (or forever) are an essential part in feminine looks, but what they really make a difference in “visu” it’s good to know to choose the piece that most suits you.

Thinking about it, I got some Tips that can you help you pick a template to call your… Let’s see?

First step: Learn how to choose the ideal model of glasses for each face type for your face! If you are one of those that the shape of the face is the last thing you think about when buying a glasses, it’s good to review their concepts, NOW!!! Wrong GLASSES is as make wrong… have you ever stopped to think about it? How do we know we find tricks to make for each type of face and a hint exchanged is capable of a true disaster-for example spend bronzer in a nose that’s already thin and small #ERROTOTAL!). What is no different with regards to the glasses!And of course I will give you all the tips for you right…

Something else it is the position of the glasses on his face. See if the pupil is in the design of the frame, as if it were a target. The support in the nose should be comfortable and fit well, without scoring the skin and keep bothering you. The frame must be superimposed on the bottom of the eye, where they stay and show up at dark circles, in order to disguise them and hide them.The eyebrows should not be inside the glasses, except if. If, they should appear.

Sunglasses for square face: As well as the geometric shape, this face shape has a wide forehead and Chin, with overbites. To soften you choose models with marked angles and bent. Round frames, no way!

Glasses for round face: As the name says, the round face is not plump or chubby characteristic, is just a face with marked traits, as pointed chin or apples skipped. Round faces should avoid glasses with this same format, the frames with straight lines or=2 r Sen t balance well this format.

Triangular Face glasses: That face features a protruding forehead. The Chin is usually thin and angled. People with this type of face should invest in larger models, but not exceeding the lateral face, so this model leaves the forehead visually more proportional. Rounded models, such as the Baroque of Prada, are the most suitable.

Glasses for Oval face: Is the face more proportional, it divides into 3 equal parts and this causes fits in any model of glasses without being disproportionate. All frames fit. Just be careful not to choose glasses too wide, not to stretch too the face.

For People Who Use “Fringe”–Must ALWAYS REMEMBER That The Frame Should Not Touch On The Fringe.

Girls.. I brought pro CG as well (in full) the matter left on the site FFW about GOOGLE GLASS-I found too much – > look at….

Google Close Partnership With Luxottica And Gives New Step To Make Glass More Accessible

Partnership between Luxottica and Google promises to make Glass more accessible and make it available for bigger market. Currently, there are few models available (only for u.s. residents), as the Titanium and the sports © reproduction/Google

Google Glass—glasses that have a sort of small screen on one of the lenses that the user can command to record video and access the internet through a wireless connection with the cellphone — promises to be the great protagonist of the next technological revolution. For this to become reality, the biggest obstacles are making affordable technology and make it available to a broader market. Because the big step in this direction may have been given this week. The Italian firm Luxottica, the world’s largest manufacturer of sunglasses, closed deal to design, develop and distribute Google Glass-based models. The news, published by ReutersNews Agency, was received with a certain euphoria and disseminated on Web sites and newspapers around the world.

The Luxottica reported that its two biggest brands, Ray-Ban and Oakley, are part of the agreement, but gave no other details. The new models should hit the market in 2015—when the project was announced, in 2012, the expectation of Google was that the product was offered on a large scale this year.

So far, Google Glass is an expensive product and inaccessible even to those who want to pay the $ $1500 collected, because the device is still in development and can only be purchased by residents of the United States who have a record in the Explorer program.

The agreement will allow Luxottica is the first company to offer the new technology to millions of potential consumers, even though Google still has to overcome some barriers, like battery life and privacy-related issues. Google has received the most different Glass criticism since being called a constant surveillance device to be charged with helping to dehumanize and isolate people. Not for nothing was nicknamed “Glasshole”.But to convince people to use Google Glass is not only a technological issue, but also sets.

Sergey Brin, one of Google’s founders, with Diane Von Furstenberg at the close of the parade Summer of 2013, when models paraded with the Google Glass © Imaxtree

The partnership between Google and will include also the question certainly Luxottica aesthetic glasses — the Italian company holds the licensing of brands like Prada, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Coach. But the fashion world already had their first novels with the device. 2013 Summer season of New York fashion week (September 2012), Diane Von Furstenberg paraded the first model of the play, with frame in different colors. But the glasses were not there only to garnish: the images recorded by the models turned a video that helped show the fashion world the possibilities of the device. The action of marketing with Google in that season also provided that the fashionistas to try your glasses and understand the use. Now, have already been launched several frames, some with more information sets, other more suitable for specific uses, such as sports. The next step will certainly be the Union of the brands Google Glass. In other words, the question is not whether you have one, but if your template will be Ray-Ban, Prada, Dior…

Now just find what fits you and rock that look complete (I sooo wanted a google glass). hehehehe!! And then girls, liked the tips?