Tips of Looks with Short Sleeve Men’s Shirts

The modern man, not just what binds in fashion, love shirts short sleeve. During the summer 2015/2016 they certainly will be present, as are the medium enters the formality of long sleeve shirts and the odds of the polos or t-shirts.

And, let’s face it, the short-sleeved shirts are much more stylish and you can use them at work, at happy hour, the Church and the University.

Use short sleeve shirts menswear is a way of letting the more tidy your during the heat of summer and, of course, with more freshness.

Short-sleeved shirts adapt to different occasions and can be a Joker in your closet.

How To Use Short Sleeve Shirts?

Before some tips: not too long. Not too tight. Not too wide. The ideal of the short sleeve shirts for men in width is about 2 fingers off between your arm and the cuff–unless you have a biceps nice to wear it tight, otherwise the shirt will seem small to you. In length an inch above your elbow is cool.

Short-Sleeved Shirts With Shorts Or Shorts

This is a great option for the days of heat for that walk on the mall during the day but watch the combinations, after all, you don’t want to look like a gringo or even an Argentine, right? (laughs). So, we’re giving a hint. Do not use socks with the shoes.Only if the socket that is well hidden. inside the shoe.

Short sleeve shirts outside or in your pants?

You choose what is nicer in you. Both ways are correct. Outside of the pants is something more cool, since she is not too long or too short. Short sleeve shirts in your pants is with the more tidy. Can be worn with jeans, Twill or even social.

Short-sleeved shirts with prints

Short sleeve printed shirts are stylish options to replace the shirts in casual looks.Versatile, they combine with both pants and shorts and can be worn with sneakers, shoes or even slippers.

Shoes or shoe to wear with short sleeve shirts

Can abuse in choosing the your shoes. In the case of social shoe, some people like (the coolest) to wear them with shorts and no socks. But if that doesn’t make your style, choose a short sleeved shirt, with a social or Twill pants. But with jeans is also pretty cool.

Social shoes also can (and should) be comfortable. The male Ferricelli shoe has the technology Wave Memory, a technology developed in waves that cushion the impact.A sole made with gel insert rubber P.U. Sole light, with excellent shock absorption.

The insole is used in our social male shoe is extremely comfortable and anatomical. It is produced in PU (polyurethane) and has a special memory that prevents the same deform during use, thus providing a sense of well-being in your day to day.

Already the leather of the shoe is made in leather male social breed of sheep which promotes macies and good adaptability in put.

Check here the social male shoes models.

Shoes With Built-In Heel Ferricelli

At first glance it may seem strange, but the shoes with built-in heel is a great option for men short in stature who want to look taller. Noticeable on the outside, the jump of these models can increase your height up to 4 cm, totally discreet and invisible.This is possible thanks to a technology called Adaption System, which puts a sock adaptable to your foot format between the leather and the sole, adding height and comfort in a unique footwear.