Tips Of Menswear For The Cold

We’re in the middle of winter in Brazil and everyone knows that this is the best season for choosing clothes. It’s not so easy to dress up in the cold, but it’s a lot of fun since you need to think in multiple parts and accessories, well more than the summer heat doesn’t let you hold the look. To help you doing a review of general trends, I’ve listed some tips for dressing well in winter.Checks out there:


It’s not just in the summer that the hat is welcome, in the winter it can be used with or without the article more classic male Cabinet is super high and came with everything, even to the cold. The trick is to select the Fedora model which is manufactured with felt and warm your head better according to You will find in the darker colors, such as black, military green and Navy Blue and with an endless variation in width of the aba and finishes. Combine with boots, sunglasses (if possible) and a heavy coat.


This is the most eclectic accessory of all, after all, has a model for all styles. The hint to use is to pick a different Cap colors color of your clothes, but who talk to each other to stay cooler. A model shown is that knitting is looser in the back of the head.You can combine with any look, absolutely no!


Long gone the time when winter was just made of dark colors and neutral to match: proof of this are all the parades of fashion weeks around the world for the past 3 years. Bet on coats, jackets, capes, cardigans and jackets with color, a lot of color! Yellow, blue, red, green, Orange, feel free to play, winter now is more upbeat.


In Brazil it’s kind of hard to find a single piece of clothing that can keep you warm in the cold, you always need to put a coat on top of each other and all over a cardigan. Enjoy to use jackets and coats open overlapping parts and showing what’s underneath, but use colors that are close in color chart.


As I showed in the previous tips, knitting is a type of yarn great for cardigans, caps and scarves and couldn’t stop talking about him on a unique topic. In addition to the already mentioned, you can opt for a knitting sweater with big points in the mesh is pretty thick and warm. Don’t forget to use color, there are some with a lot of fun in stores.

The Nice these tips is that they may be combined into a look only and I’m sure it will be easier to figure out what to wear based on the ideas we talked about in this post. We hope you enjoyed it. And don’t forget, huh: stay tuned here on the blog.

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