Tips On Handling Watches In Water

In our waterproofing posting, you learned why you should not wear your luxury watch with the words “water resistant 50m” during your next dive.Today, it is about how you can protect your watch from water damage.

  1. Have your watch checked for leaks every year by a watchmaker. Over time, high-quality seals become brittle and should therefore be subjected to regular inspection.Even in the case of falls or impacts, a watchmaker’s walk is necessary to ensure water tightness.
  2. Before you jump into the water, check that the crown and pushers are closed.Never press the crown in the water.For a watch with a screw-down crown: Press the crown and then tighten.
  3. Do not expose your watch to strong temperature fluctuations.If you are drifting into the cold water after an extensive sunbath, it can cause serious damage to your watch.
  4. Protect your watch from dust, grease and dirt, as this will damage the housing material of your watch.At best, you should clean your watch at regular intervals, but in any case do not use chemical detergents.
  5. If your watch has been worn in salt water, it should be rinsed with tap water in order to prevent any damage according to homethodology.