Tips on How to Accessorize Your Outfit

The year-end holiday season fast approaching, evidenced fir in the living room and the Advent calendar on the commode. To make a unique moment with family and friends, you want to put on your 31. You finally got his hands on the size of your dreams evening dress, but have you thought about the details? It is they who will make a difference and show your style. Without missing a beat, make sure you have followed our 7 tips to accessorize your evening dress!

New Year celebrations, wedding ceremonies or evening-dress-correct-required: as soon as you receive the invitation, a wave of panic rises in you. Did I choose the right dress? How to accessorise? To help, -Our site gives you his 7 tips to accessorize your evening dress size:

1 / Choose Accessories in line with Your Large Evening Dress

Your accessories should complement your size evening dress and not create “clash”. For example, if you go to a chic evening where the robe is required, do not wear fancy jewelry with all plastic colors and your big bag as a bag!

In this situation, we must remain sober and bet on end jewelry in gold or silver (but not both at once). If you go to a more relaxed evening, you can allow you more freedom with a cuff bracelet or more bangles, or a few necklaces.

2 / Decide on what you want to attract attention

The best way to hide the little things, it’s still attract attention to something else. So if you want the look is toward the top of your body, prefer necklaces and earrings. Conversely, if you want you notice your well designed size, wear bracelets and rings.

3 / The Choice of jewelry should be done according to your figure and your face shape

If you have a round face, round earrings will only emphasize its roundness. It is better to choose a model triangle or dangling earrings, but not below the jaw. For square faces, what will their best are the Creoles. The heart or square shaped faces can all afford, especially large models at the base that will balance.

With a carefully chosen necklace, you can lengthen your neck and refine your face while highlighting your cleavage. Remember, choose the same form only strengthen it. Thus, round faces are highlighted with necklaces that fall V, while the square shaped face, heart or rectangles can wear more rounded collars.

Finally, remember that large accessories weigh down the silhouette so avoid necklace of large pearls bracelets + + large wide rings on ten fingers!

4 / A-Heeled Shoes, yes, but attention to the shape and height!

In addition to lengthen the silhouette, heels sublimate the dress. A good condition choose the least, can walk with! Again, it’s all about balance. If you have a strong calf and ankle slightly marked, take a pair of shoes with a thick heel. If instead your anchor is marked, take shape heels V.

To lengthen the silhouette, choose shoes with a wide neckline. Indeed, if there is a flange above, this will stop the eye and give the impression of a small silhouette. Always to lengthen the silhouette, choose shoes in the same color as your dress (playing with shades) or a neutral color like beige in order to associate them with other formal wear.

To be sure to choose the right shoes, read our article: Guide to choose your wife shoes according to your body type.

5 / Cover Your Shoulders With a Shawl or Pashmina

To cover you when it’s a little cool, drape your shoulders a stole or better, a pashmina is so much more elegant and thinner than a vest. If the pashmina is a small investment, it is an accessory you’ll love to wear as well as a scarf in winter than in summer on cool evenings.

If you do not have pashmina, think personalize your scarf to make it more “valuable”. You can sew sequins, golden beads or simply tie some on the fringes of your stole.

6 / Put Your Hair In Value With Head Jewelry

If you are not very jewelry, you can accessorize your hair with hair ornaments. No more head-greenhouses velvet of your childhood, now they are adorned with beads, lace and rhinestones to be like a princess crown. Their function is more to look nice to remember few flyaways.

For a somewhat formal evening, go for a thin headband or a barrette. For a lighter event or summer, you can try the crown flower or the scarf tied in her hair to one side slightly bohemian-chic.

7 / Do Not Forget Your Wallet

A woman always needs a bag for the evening. Flexible, this is called a pocket; rigid, it is a clutch. In both cases, they are made to contain the bare minimum to survive a party, namely: lipstick, tissues, and compact credit card.

The pocket or clutch is worn on the hand but there are many models with a chain to wear on the shoulder for more ease. Do not overfill your wallet, the risk of deformation.

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