Tips On How To Use Riding Legging

Learn how to include riding legging in their productions

The leggings became a must-have in the locker room, that is, it is a piece that needs to be in your wardrobe.The legging is a democratic item and can encourage all biotypes, know how to combine the piece with the rest of the visual. The piece has several models and the riding legging is what else has been seen on the bodies of women who want to be fashionable, with comfort and opting for a versatile piece that can compose several looks. Learn more about riding legging models and how to include them in their productions.

Riding Legging

The riding legging emerged inspired by the clothes of those who practice the equestrian and has a higher waistband pleasing women wishing to disguise the chubbiness and create a format best visually.

The riding legging is made of spandex thicker, giving greater support to curves than normal legging, it wont be in spandex thinner, which can cause transparency in most cases.

The difference between the normal and the riding legging legging, besides the thicker tissue, is in the details, since the second can count with pockets, buttons, cut-outs and is found in more neutral colors.

How To Use The Riding Legging

Now that you know how to identify the riding legging, it’s time to learn how to include it in their productions and mount looks awesome. Know the main riding legging models and how to combine them with the rest of the visual.

Riding Black Legging

The most basic model and also the more indispensable is the Leggings Black steed, as it allows a wide variety of combinations, going a more elegant style until dede, a more casual.

So, you can combine with spaghetti strap shirts, shirts more soltinhas, fun t-shirts, tricôs, sweatshirts, jeans shirts and silk shirts, for example. Feet, sneakers at sneakers, everything is valid.

Riding Legging With Pockets

The riding legging with pockets usually has pockets in the style knife, i.e. pockets typically leaked and straight sides, creating some volume in the hip area, ideal for those who have a body with broader shoulders than hips.

You can also find the riding legging with pockets on the rear, helping to enhance, attract attention and increase the butt.

The legging with Pocket for having a similar style to tailoring trousers, can easily be used with a silk shirt with part of it on the inside of the pants, jacket and shoes, creating an elegant look.

Riding Legging With Zipper

Already riding legging with zipper has one or more of a metal zipper on the side or on the waistband, giving a more urban and slightly more stripped. For your metal appearance is also the perfect piece for a rocker look.

So, combine this legging with a shirt or band of lighter fabric and finish with a leather jacket. On the feet, ankle boot or boot motorcycle style.

Riding Legging With Buttons

For your time, the riding pants with buttons remember the high-waisted jeans and is perfect for composing since a younger look to a more refined.

If you would like to a younger look choose a shirt croppedstyle, leaving part of the belly. Already if you want a more sober style choose a single color silk shirt and placed completely inside of the leggings.

Colorful Riding Legging

Fun, intense and full of personality, the colorful mount legging is an alternative to the popular disco pants based on PICKTRUE, in addition to being able to replace with more comfort, the colored jeans.

For a more urban prefer combine riding with a colorful knit legging oversized or with afemale kimono, for a more visual alternative. But it is a mistake to think that it is not possible to create a visual sober: opt for a colorful, combine mount legging with a white and black striped shirt and finish with a trench coat. Feet, choose a nail polish or suede pumps to kill.

Riding Legging Bicolor

For those who already have much style to riding legging bicolor is the requested ideal, usually consisting of a legging with basic color and lateral strips in different color. As a result, you may find white with black stripes leggings, legging with black strips nude in tone and black legging with white stripes, for example.

In addition, use tracks like that can help you get a slimmer silhouette, disguising the hip volume. To be more daring and, at the same time, more refined, prefer to use with shirts of fabric like silk, or linen. If possible, choose the high heel and a maxi bag.

Knowing how to combine the riding legging with other clothes, you will be able to mount stylish looks with comfort and safety.