Tips to Customize Belts

The customization is on the rise. Although always have been people who are dedicated to handicrafts and similar activities, customise things today are more in evidence. The idea of recycling has been very encouraged. This is useful not only for the Pocket and the planet, but it’s also about a way to have a unique style, using custom clothing and accessories. Many tribes, including, defend that idea. This is the case, for example, the Hipsters, who like to create things or to reuse old pieces. You can Customize belts, in different ways. Here are some tips.

Customize straps with buttons

That’s it, really. Many buttons, whether they are colored, large or small, can become the centrepiece for the customization of belts. You can mix many sizes, shapes and colors, creating a kind of mosaic to the accessory. On the other hand, can also separate units, following a pattern, so that the belt get all uptight. If you have an accessory of these thick cloth or other similar material, just sew the buttons on them. However, it is also possible to attach the buttons, through a thick string, forming a belt with them. Several skinny models can even be used together. The belt on belt is super high.

Lace belt

Want a romantic lace belt and customized? So just buy a piece of lace, or fabric stores called haberdashery. Look in your wardrobe a belt old and without details, preferably in the same color of the chosen income. Then simply sew such income, so that her frown, forming a kind of all. You will also need hot glue to the customization. Open the belt on a flat surface, leaving your inner part facing up. Pass hot glue, in abundance, in the parts where you want the rent stay in place. Finally, just stick it to the belt, waiting for it to dry. The result is the image, above.

Our last Tip to Customize belts is to do it with colored strips of fabric. To do this, you will need to cut the fabrics that you want, in very thin strips. Amend such strips, with us. Then take the belt to be worked and make him numerous holes, side by side. You must use a potent punch. Start the dress it up by inserting one end of the cord. Go winding the strips into the holes, until you reach the other end of the belt. The result is different and fun.