Tips to Keep the Wedding Dress

Today’s theme is very important for all the future wives who want to have the best way your clothing tips to keep the wedding dress where we see the tricks ideal so that we can clean the design as soon as possible after the marriage, also in this way you avoid that the stain affected fabric and is especially recommended before sending your dress to a dry cleaning is to find out if they are specialists in wedding dress cleaning.

Finished cleaning the dress we can save it correctly, which specialists recommend to use materials that do not contain acids, paper boxes and bags can stain the delicate fabric of wedding dress.

It is best to use bags with balanced pH, boxes specially designed to keep dresses that have designs of windows that allow you to appreciate in the conditions that this dress without the need to remove it to the environment.

You should keep away from sunlight, humidity and be careful to not soil handling and in some cases be very careful with the simple machitas that are difficult to remove and above all to remove.

If your dress made you look beautiful and completed with your dream of getting married in white so all admire you, now it is time to keep it so you accompany life and someday you can show it to your children and grandchildren.

Therefore wedding dresses are very delicate by its color, fine fabric that are ready-made Haute Couture, which we must take care when storing it. Here are some tips collected by

First thing we should do is to find out a few months by dry cleaners before marriage, so that we can find the perfect place for wedding dress cleaning make it without it spoiling some detail that the model has.

Then at the latest, we have it that take specialists so that they can clean stains impregnated and thus can leave the best form honeymoon without that worry, especially if you let it charge with your mother or family member so that it can control the Bugle beads or fixtures which can have the wedding dress. You should also see each design than this perfect and don’t miss the stitches of the beautiful dress.

We can save it in a white box carton that is large enough so that you can perfectly packaged without bending the blouse and above all you must wrap dress with black or dark blue tissue paper so that in this way you can prevent light from l garment.

Finally you have to incorporate these tips that you offer to keep your dress of bride with simple tips to keep radiant for several years so that you can give to your daughters and granddaughters later.