Tom Ford Lip Color “Blush Nude” First Impression + Swatches

In Berlin, the first Tom Ford was allowed to so insert lipstick for me. I paid with a heavy heart at the box office, but with the knowledge, to have acquired a beautiful nude lipstick. Now in retrospect, I must say: Armani is better. But it more after the jump…

The packaging:
The lipstick is located in a black, textured cardboard box, which is then wrapped in plastic showing on financedns. After all – so can nobody themselves by selling parts swatchen, what is impossible but anyway, because you have to ask a sales force to get the lipstick. For me, honestly said only unnecessary waste (especially plastic), but we want to be not even like. For the price there somehow a lot it may be.
The lipstick itself is located after the makeover, a gold and white, rather than in a gold-and-black cover. It is square, is difficult and noble in his hand and makes a super luxurious impression of course. Above the logo is engraved name and more, down on a small sticker.

The content:
3 g are included. An official shelf life is not specified, I would suggest but 12 to 18 months in case of doubt (→ see here).
Price: 45,-€.

A handsome sum. I swore eternal that Armani (€30,-) is final. In fact exactly this color made me do it, to pay this price. A little Yes, I regret it, but the color is so pretty that I can cope with it somehow still halfway. Thinking about so wisely before you you to a TF lipstick. Check out the colours in real on (not only the Internetswatches!), they take up time, spends a day. Just for you, you can choose whether the lipstick for that price is worth to you.

Ingredients according to packaging:

The product:
The lipstick itself is in a really beautiful nude. He goes easily into the peach, but just as that’s not stupid looks at me (Orange and peach is my killer tones, so I’m never good!).
The texture is wonderfully creamy, similar to but on the lips at Armani – the lipstick dries slowly and is velvety, slightly matte, but not drying on the lips. A great texture that I very much appreciate when lipsticks!
The scent goes into the vanilla notes. Reminds a bit of the MAC lipsticks. A different fragrance I’d prefer, but it’s okay.

We come to the issue with this lipstick: the shelf life. I must say that I’ve heard so far only good. The lipsticks to be perfect etc. – with me that somehow didn’t work. Therefore – as previously said: exhausted.

For the first time, I had no real base on the lips, because I thought already, it’s not quite as perfect (the texture needs honestly said already a base at Armani she is not absolutely necessary, but here my opinion already). The lipstick has not really long kept, on the lower lip in the middle part he has adopted is relatively quickly, what were safe with guilt but also my dry lips.

The second time, yesterday, it not looked different. I had my new favorite base, a perfect base “All about lips” by Clinique underneath, creating for lipsticks. But also here exactly the same problem: lower lip, adieu!

For me this – is price an extreme negative point. I expect absolute perfection for 45,-€. I expect not only a beautiful color and texture, but also perfect durability.

Swatches and pictures of wearing:
On the back of the hand without base, on the lips without base.

My conclusion:
Can be seen slightly it also on the pictures of wearing (even when carrying photo!) yesterday at the outfit – the lipstick is not really good liable in damp places of the lips. This of course causes that he goes out there quickly and that carries himself so.
Because although my lips are to blame – I have the problem in some lipsticks (but with the expensive not!) – but at the price really not it.

For me, there is no reason to buy Tom Ford again. Other items from the décor are worth a glance sure again, but the lipsticks are failed in this case for me.
I will of course continue to use him and that also liked – and perhaps I can manage somehow even, that that with the fast “the crumbs” (Yes, it crumbles literally!) Past is (I’m trying!).

Positive note is short, but still, I need a lip liner. With a lip brush, lipstick can be applied even more beautiful, but isn’t necessary. I would always take a base (do I but anyway!).

Short: from my buy recommendation, nor entfehlung page. It didn’t work for me. But the fact that he so much praised and adored, must mean what actually. Tried it, maybe Tom Ford is a Holy Grail in terms of lipsticks for you.

Sources for Tom Ford beauty in Germany:
– München: Oberpollinger and Douglas (Theatinerstraße 40)
-Stuttgart: Breuninger
-London: Douglas (King Ahornallee 46)
-Frankfurt: Kobberger
-Berlin: KaDeWe and Quartier 206
-Hamburg: Alsterhaus

Maybe you have already one or even more from the – admittedly very pretty! -Range?
If so, how can you handle it?
If no – would you buy one, especially considering the price?