TOP 5 Casual Hoodies for Men

Today the line between casual, sporty and formal is very thin, so we want to talk about a trend that is here and that over the years will go to more: casual mens sweatshirts and sports.

I mean, when we talk about casual sweatshirts and sport  ( will never be for a formal dress) we refer to models and designs that have both uses. Sports are really very identified with brands and stores that sell them (Adidas, Nike, Decathlon, etc.) and the casual or urban with the stores that we all know.

Well, we know what we mean sweatshirt so now we will make a TOP 5 Tops Mens Casual and Sport , which hopefully will be useful:

# No. 5 Sweatshirt Nike

Nike navy blue sweatshirt with hood . Its price is about 65 € and is a classic among the sweatshirts. In this case the present with faded gray jeans and Nikes, matching.

We talk about a sweatshirt you put it fairly and very handy way, whether you go down to buy bread, like going for a walk with friends or even to go to sport. It may sound a little “nasty” but those are multipurpose t we have at home and we see a sport / casual way, while others see them just to go out or just for sports.

# No. 4 Your Turn

Your Turn is another brand that is aimed at this type of clothing, specifically sweatshirts half casual sport half .These sweatshirts say, reversible. The sweatshirt is the cheapest of the top 5, but is also the most normal, without any marks or top garments made ​​of high quality, meets.

Design tricolor with a more casual touch that sport, but we can serve with some joggers or sweatpants and a sports car, or directly look for sports from

# No. 3 Hooded Gap

Typical gray sweatshirt Gap for man, which surely will have seen in countless times. Ranked No. 3 in our rankings for several reasons: it is simple and with a neutral color that blends well with jeans or pants more sport, good quality, so it holds up well sweat in the case of use for sport or any situation, as it is made of cotton.

A popular option to consider for a price of 50 euros, guarantees resistance, a combined use and a simple design at the same time interesting and succored.

# No. 2 adidas

Crew neck sweatshirt ao-luxe Adidas (one of his designs vintage ). Along with Nike, they are the two world largest casual / sport / sport so are most advanced in this respect are clothes. They are very top and Adidas has shown with this sweatshirt where 4 different colors mixed with a casual style that may be worth us to use both as a broken pair of jeans, skinny as a cracked one jogger.

# No. 1 T’s Collection

Eeeee Voila! Here is the number 1 in our ranking TOP 5 Tops Casual and Sport Men under the hand ‘s Collection . We talk about a different sweatshirt, a hoodie and zip and if that was not just has a somewhat different system than we’re used to seeing, sort of folded which gives it a very cool touch when open.

As for the sweatshirt in question is made ​​with American plush , where you can see details like patch on the hood or the central panel and sleeves. It is also available in a darker tones with red color.

But I may ask, why this sweatshirt ahead of others? . For various reasons, there is no doubt that the price is high (like the rest), but out of the seen so far, desmarcamos us with a style sweatshirt that is different beyond the design, but in the composition of the same with different shape and architecture. I like the different, I like not to be “one more”.

So much for the top of the tops in the whole world of casual sweatshirts and sport , to see who surpasses We’ve seen all kinds of brands and a subjective criterion but trying to take the path objective as possible to reach everyone. I hope you have served.