Top 5 Technology Predictions For 2015

Mobile payment, cool gadgets, Wireless charging with more – here is what awaits us in 2015!

Wireless Charger for Phone

Technology in 2015

Today we write about the top 5 predictions for 2015, when it comes to technology and tech world. How can next year look like …

# 1 Traditional charger will be used to a much greater extent

Wireless charging is a reality already today, but many believe that 2015 will be the year where wireless charging becomes more popular, possibly more than the common ways to charge your phone on (specially when it comes to the flagship phones).

# 2 Windows 10 will revolutionize market

Microsoft has not had it so amazing this year, and especially the last few years – but Windows 10 could be the next big thing! It is very likely that Microsoft will come up with a lot of changes, both in terms of design and functionality – and we have already written about Windows 10.

# 3 “Mobile first” – Smartphones and tablets dominate

It is a trend that has already begun – and that nobody can stop. In 2015, it will become even more important with mobile technology, mobile friendly sites and portable devices.

# 4 Trim technology and gadgets become even more important and more advanced

Google Glass, smartwatches, drones and self-propelled cars – as we have already seen in 2014 as advanced scientific knowledge, but next year will be more advanced and more popular. It will be interesting to see how technology will change our lives and the ways we communicate.

# 5 Mobile payment via social networks

Mobile payments will probably be more popular, and it is no surprise, because the NFC-technology which makes it possible, has been available for several years, and Apple’s latest iPhone and iPad editions supports it. Furthermore, it is very likely that we will be using social networks to receive and send money:) Snap chat has already launched in the United States, and feature several leaks and rumors suggest that Facebook is preparing for such a service.

What do you expect to see in 2015? Share like in the comment box! 🙂