Top 8 Simple Decorated Nails

In addition to the French manicure, there are other ways to show off simple decorated nails, if you want to give a different touch to your nails the first step is a good manicure home and then choose one of these nails decorated to show off a perfect hands.

8. Nail colors

A Basic for simple decorated nails is the color can choose one or several colors for your nail fashion, is a bold, youthful and fun decor.

7. Decals

Whether wall or not color, you can choose different stickers for nails decorated in a simple way, if you apply color will look much better, but if you are looking for something more natural with a layer of gloss will look perfect.

6. Lines

You can create lines with a glaze or iliotibial adhesive for nails, a tip that you should take into account for simple decorated fingernails, blend the colors to give a more modern touch.

5. Two colors

Another easy way to get simple decorated nails with two glazes in colors that blend or contrast, you can divide your fingernail in half either vertically or horizontally, you decide which would be the best way to wear these colors.

4. Color French

The typical French manicure can be runa excellent choice for a nails decorated simple, but you can give it a twist by changing the traditional color for one more vivid and fashionable, they can be neon or black colors.

3. Shines

Elegant and sophisticated can be this nail design, you only require a tone enamel with glitters that you choose and your nails will look very modern and ideal for a night look.

2. Spot colors

Easy and fashionable are spots, also an excellent idea for simple decorated nails, can use many colors and create a style animal print on your nails.

1. Polka dot colors

Uses a glaze in white or nude for the base of your nail and uses different colored glazes to create Lunar, they can go either horizontal, vertical or in disorder, as you like.

Nail designs are fashionable, drawings and colors are endless, it creates different very original designs depending on your tastes and looks a fantastic manicure.