TopLight Flat S Plus Review

Taillight for rack bike on dynamo with autonomy-TopLight Flat S Plus

This lighting rear bike TopLight Flat S D Plus integrated the LineTec technology, a patented system of lenses to warn the vehicles of the distance separating them from the bike. This rear light is composed of 2 parts: the first is the position light composed of an ultra high-performance LED which, by a set of reflectors, broadcasts a bunch of very visible bright even light on the entire width of the fire and even on the sides in a radius of 320 °. The second part is the reflector or red reflector.

With this innovative rear lighting, the brand Busch & Müller offers cyclists a new dimension security. Light strip facilitates the estimation of the distance between the driver of a vehicle approaching from the rear of the bike. In contrast, with a standard lighting, road users distinguish that a spot of light without dimension.

Its built-in capacitor recharges during the ride and feeds the fire back as soon as the bike stops. He takes over in just 3 minutes. The bike stops, the light remains lit for 4 minutes and then turns off.

Two dowels to attach it securely on the rear rack of the bike. During installation, the user can adjust the distance between these bolts threaded 50 mm or 80 mm. If your carrier does not have holes for installation, support is available as an option. In order to be powered by your dynamo, the taillight Toplight Flat S D Plus connects to your fire front through an electric cable not supplied and available as an option.

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Small Tip:

  • In using the front of the bike a beacon LUMOTEC senso, all of the lighting system, front and rear, will turn on automatically when you use your bike and the brightness drops, through its motion detector and its photovoltaic cell. The taillight has no need of a specific sensor. SENSO technology integrated into the headlight driver takes care of everything!

This taillight Toplight Flat S D Plus is available in version Senso in complementary products.

Hub Dynamo: indicates that this lighting system plugs into the dynamo in the hub of the front wheel of your bike.

More: More shows that this fire front for bike is equipped with a capacitor that keeps the fire burning even when you’re stopped: so you stay visible even at red lights (no battery, no battery is required).